Marshall Scholars

We support the next generation of leaders.

We're committed to supporting future leaders in the field of private action for public benefit.

At the Marshall Institute we are committed to support future leaders in the field of private action for public benefit. This includes giving scholarships to talented students who aim to use their skills and knowledge to do good in the world. 

Meet our 2019-20 Marshall Scholars from the MPA Social Impact programme:

Ghalia Al Bajali


Ghalia Al Bajali, born and raised in Jordan, is currently completing an MPA, specialising in Social Impact at LSE. While studying, Ghalia is currently working as Economic Analyst at Arabia Monitor, a leading economic and strategy research firm. Her work focuses on analysing the economic trends in MENA and the region's investment relations with China's BRI, while also drawing on the geopolitical and business implications from unfolding global events.

During her time at the LSE, Ghalia is working with the European Investment Fund to map out the Fintech Ecosystem and highlight its economic drivers across the European Union. She is also the Vice Chair of the Association of Public Policy Students, working as a liaison representing the SPP students and supporting the overall operations of the association. Ghalia was also part of the 2019 LSE MIINT team, a global impact investing competition.

Ghalia completed her undergraduate degree in International Management and MENA Studies at SOAS, University of London. Prior to joining the MPA, she worked in a management consultancy, working with Fintech & Social Enterprises. She also has experience in managing philanthropic projects with venture funds and public entities focused on female leadership and empowerment. She is passionate about excelling public sector capacity through tech innovation and bridging the gap between the public-private sector in developing countries through promoting policies focused on impact investing and other alternative innovative financing mechanisms.


Louisa Boltz


Louisa is a second-year Master of Public Administration student specializing in the Social Impact policy stream. She is currently working for Roots of Impact, an impact finance consultancy, where she supports the company’s impact measurement and management practices. She also works closely with Bridge International Academies in her Capstone project to identify emerging opportunities in the educational sector to support undeserved communities in Kenya. In her first year, she participated as part of the LSE team in the MIINT competition, which strengthened her interest in impact investing. 

Prior to LSE, Louisa gained work experience in management consultancy in the restructuring department, supporting clients with plausibility checks and liquidity planning. She holds a Bachelor degree in International Business from Maastricht University. 

Louisa is passionate about impact investing and she wants to use the knowledge and skills that she will gain from the MPA Social Impact stream to help high-impact social enterprises find funding and reach true scale. Further, she aims to support entrepreneurs in measuring and managing their impact. 


Claire Cathro


Claire is a second-year LSE MPA student, passionate about finding creative and innovative solutions to the toughest social problems through gov-tech, social enterprise and user-centered design. Her background includes three years in management consulting with Deloitte's Canadian Strategy and Operations team where she worked with public sector clients to develop business transformation strategies, improve operational processes and design and implement technology systems.  She has a BAH in Global Development Studies from Queen’s University.


Maria Camila Jimenez


Maria Camila is part of the MPA class 2020 at LSE. She specialized in the Social Impact policy stream as she has a profound interest in entrepreneurship, innovation and social welfare. She developed this interest working on research and doing policy recommendations on productive development policies for Colombia at the Friedrich Ebert Stiftung in Colombia (FESCOL) and in the Trade Office of the Embassy of Colombia in Mexico (ProColombia). Subsequently, she worked in enhancing female entrepreneurship and women economic empowerment in Mexico. Noticing the low participation of women in STEM areas she also volunteered in MET Community on helping female entrepreneurships succeed on the Science and Technology sectors in LATAM and the US.

While at LSE, Maria Camila worked as a consultant in Cognoscere Consulting supporting Yes Futures in its mission to transform education in the UK acquiring new schemes to expand. She also worked as capstone consultant with the European Investment Fund where, she researched on the conditions that determine the growth of the fintech ecosystem across Europe. 


Joe Wheeler


Joe Wheeler started his career as a Peace Corps volunteer in rural Mongolia. He then worked at Dropbox for 5 years, spearheading the creation of Dropbox's charitable foundation and Social Impact program. At Gerson Lehrman Group, he regularly consults clients on social impact projects, and most recently he spent the summer with Save the Children International organizing a conference in Nairobi on preventing childhood pneumonia.


Read more from our previous Marshall Scholars cohort: 

Ryan Dillon


Ryan Dillon is currently completing an MPA with a focus on social impact at the LSE. He is passionate about supporting entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs solving large and global problems in health, food, mobility, education, and the environment.

While studying for his MPA, Ryan currently works at Balderton Capital, a leading Series A venture capital fund investing in technology companies across Europe. He also serves as an investor for the Creator Fund, an early stage venture capital fund investing in Europe’s visionary student entrepreneurs.

As part of the LSE, Ryan is currently consulting Path on a scaling up maternal and newborn medical devices in Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi, Senegal, and India. He is also a Principal at Cognoscere Consulting which is post-graduate consultancy working with social enterprises, non-profits, and the public sector. He was also a member of the LSE MIINT team last year. Outside the LSE, Ryan is a founding committee member of the George Keverian Charitable Gift Foundation, which is scholarship fund for high school students creating positive change in Massachusetts.

 Prior to the LSE, he worked at the Boston Consulting Group in the People & Organization Practice supporting clients with organization strategy, growth, and cost efficiency projects. He earned his B.A. in Economics and International Relations with a focus on the Middle East at Connecticut College.


Kelsey Jarrett



Kelsey received her undergraduate degree from Vanderbilt University in 2013 with a degree in Human and Organizational Development with a concentration in International Leadership and Development, and a minor in Religious Studies. Before beginning the MPA program, she worked in the intersection of tech and politics in Washington, D.C. for four years. Her primary role was integrating technology and digital platforms into traditional political communication and campaign processes. At LSE, Kelsey is writing her dissertation on the use of social impact data in finance.


Hans Frech La Rosa


La Rosa-600x600

Hans is an independent consultant working with Stratedu on research and strategic innovation for education institutions and organizations. He is also a Partner at the Bloomsbury Policy Group, a network of Latin American professionals with postgraduate education in the United Kingdom aiming to contribute to the design, delivery, and improvement of effective public policies in the region. While at LSE, he is the Community Engagement Chair at the MPA Student Association and Senior Editor for The Public Sphere Journal of Public Policy.

Prior to LSE, he worked for three years in the Peruvian Ministry of Education on policies to improve private education and reduce school violence. He has also worked in educational research for PUCP University. Parallel to his work, Hans has always been involved with NGOs in both urban and rural settings.

He advocates for a better use of social impact resources through evidence-based innovations and efficient management strategies. The MPA in Social Impact is a groundbreaking stream that will provide him the right tools to catalyze public and private resources for the continuous development of societies.”


Gayathri Mehta



Gayatri is an MPA student specializing in the Social Impact policy stream. She currently works with Global Advisory Solutions at Accion International, a seed-stage impact investor, advisory practice and research think tank for financial institutions in emerging markets. Through LSE, she has joined Cognoscere Consulting to support CareNX, a healthtech social enterprise that tackles maternal mortality in India, on a project to commercialize its products through the private sector. She also works closely with the European Investment Fund in her Capstone project to map out the fintech ecosystem in the European Union.  

Prior to the LSE, Gayatri managed the Impact division within Amartha, a fintech startup in Indonesia with the mission to drive sustainable investments for women micro-entrepreneurs to achieve financial inclusion. There, she recognized the immense benefit of using financial technology to access the informal sector and worked with her team to communicate their research to policy-makers. She joined the LSE to better understand how to synthesize data into stories and effectively scale solutions through policy.

She loves working closely with passionate social entrepreneurs, and hopes to use the tools and principles she gains from the MPA Social Impact stream and the Marshall Institute to guide her career towards supporting social businesses in developing markets. 


Katie Reberg



Katie was born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah, and is a second year Master of Public Administration student at the LSE. She completed her undergraduate degree in Social Policy and Global Health at Northwestern University. Raised in a politically active family, Katie has always been interested in the intersection between politics, policy making, and service delivery. She has translated this passion into a career focused on public sector capacity building and social impact measurement.

While Katie’s professional experience has been varied, she has maintained her focus on social impact and service delivery. Prior to the MPA, she worked as a public sector consultant, assisting in the development, management and monitoring of two social impact bonds in Utah. She has also worked at the microfinance organization One Acre Fund in Kigali, Rwanda, and as a field organizer for President Obama’s re-election campaign

During her studies, Katie is working part-time as an associate at Acumen’s Lean Data – helping social enterprises and investors align disparate incentives and create measurable impact for their customers, through participatory client-based surveys.


Siddharth Rajgopalan


After graduating from the MPA, Siddharth has taken up a business development role at Palantir Technologies with the aim of helping critical commercial, government, and non-profit institutions leverage data to transform the way they operate.

Prior to the MPA, while fundraising from government and private sources to support Ground-Up Initiative, Singapore’s first eco-village, it became evident to Siddharth that there is a large gap in effective evidence-based financing mechanisms to meet the demand of the capital needed. Through this experience, he realised there are two interesting missing links in the system: effective ways of measuring social impact and consequently, appropriate methods of financing the impact where it is created. He is more interested in intellectually exploring the former area. 

There has been an exponential growth in the amount of public data available with the advent of social media and open data movements. This allows for interesting evidence-based policy delivery and evaluation methods. The econometric analysis methods learned through the MPA and his experience in digital marketing analytics at Expedia positions him well to leverage the tools of analytics in the public arena. The field is ripe with big data applications in many possible areas ranging from crime prevention to improving student achievement using predictive models. As a Marshall Social Impact scholar, Siddharth hopes to apply techniques of big data analytics and behavioural economics to effectively measure, evaluate and promote social impact.

Jay A Patel


While Jay's professional experience has been comprised of various private-sector finance roles, he has taken an active leadership role in the community as a volunteer board member for non-profit-organisations. Doing so has made him more cognizant of the social injustices that plague everyday life, and he is committed to use his finance skills to address these unjust equilibriums. Maximising his contribution to society by improving the quality of life for individuals who do not have the means to do so for themselves is what matters most to him.

Having studied entrepreneurship and finance before coming to LSE, he chose the MPA in Social Impact because he wanted to increase his cognitive flexibility and acquire useful mental models from the economics and political science fields. He plans to use the MPA in Social Impact as a platform to channel private sector capital towards investment opportunities that address unjust equilibriums by identifying, investigating, and promoting financially sustainable interventions.Further, these interventions will address market inefficiencies where opportunities remain to generate greater social and environmental impact per dollar invested.

Jay will be joining American Family Insurance in Madison, WI. In his new role, Jay will be building social impact investment capabilities for the firm. Additionally, he will be joining the Board of Directors for International Wealth Group and plans to continue taking an active leadership role in his community.

Chelsea Phipps


Chelsea is a consultant working with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation on international development policy advocacy to the European Union and global health finance. She is also working with the Oak Foundation on cross-sector donor coordination, monitoring and evaluation, and portfolio strategy. Chelsea earned her Master of Public Administration from London School of Economics and Political Science. While at LSE, she worked with UNICEF Kenya through an MPA Capstone Project on innovative development finance mechanisms. She was a Principal at Cognoscere Consulting, a social sector consulting firm run by LSE postgraduates, a Senior Editor for The Public Sphere, LSE's public policy journal, and a graduate intern for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation's global policy and advocacy team. 

Prior to LSE, she spent three years in Washington, D.C. working at the Natural Resources Defense Council on global sustainable development and then with the NRDC Action Fund working to get environmental champions elected and advocating on key environmental issues. She has also worked with Foundation for Sustainable Development in Masaka, Uganda, with International Development Enterprises in Phnom Penh, Cambodia, and as a legal reporter with the Wall Street Journal in New York City. She earned her B.A. at UNC-Chapel Hill in political science and global studies.