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Impact Careers

Where could your Executive Master's degree take you?

We have the opportunity to achieve social impact in ways that we could not imagine before. Traditionally, government has been our main source of resolving these social problems, but we have an emerging and remarkable entrepreneurial spirit.

Professor Jonathan Roberts, Teaching Director

In today’s world where we increasingly prioritise ethical and sustainable business practices, more people than ever before are pursuing a career that involves making a positive impact on society.

Social business and entrepreneurship are emerging fields, with new opportunities developing every day as businesses across all industries globally start to catch up with this growing movement. Here are just a few examples of the types of fields currently available across the sector. 

#1 Social impact strategy

Conceives and executes strategies to seamlessly integrate social impact into core business operations, identifying synergies between organisational goals and societal advancement. Utilises impact assessments to formulate sustainable business models and provide counsel on ethical business practices.

#2 Corporate social innovation

Nurtures innovation within organisational frameworks to address social challenges, focusing on stimulating creative solutions through innovative workshops and projects.

#3 Sustainability analysis

Scrutinises and enhances the Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) performance of organisations via metric measurement and report presentations to ensure adherence to socially responsible and sustainable practices.

#4 Impact measurement

Concentrates on the measurement and evaluationof the social impact of business initiatives,encompassing the development of a framework and metrics to gauge the efficacy of social programmesand investments.

#5 Social entrepreneurship

Creates innovative solutions to some of the world’s most pressing challenges through the application of entrepreneurial principles to found new enterprises or scale existing ventures via replication, expansion or systemic change.

#6 Social finance

Liaises between finance and social impact on projects involving investments, fundraising and financial strategies. Responsible for crafting social investment portfolios, advising on strategies, or scrutinising financial models for social enterprises, to achieve both financial returns and positive societal outcomes.

#7 Community engagement

Establishes and cultivates relationships between organisations and the communities they serve through events and partnerships, to ensure active participation in addressing local needs and fostering positive community development.

#8 Impact investing

Leverages investment strategies to align financial goals with a commitment to societal betterment by identifying investment opportunities and advocating sustainable practices. Scales reach by fostering the growth and success of impactful ventures.

#9 Social technology

Integrates technology solutions that leverage digital innovations to address social challenges and organisational efficiency, including evaluating the impact of interventions.

#10 Public policy

Crafts and implements strategies that generate positive and meaningful outcomes for society. Addresses specific social, economic or environmental challenges to improve the wellbeing of a community or nation.