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MSc programmes

Think, Lead, Learn and accelerate your career

Every class on the programme was an enlightening experience, blending theoretical knowledge with real-world challenges. LSE has honed my managerial instincts with a blend of scholarly insight and pragmatic wisdom, prepping me for the Global stage. 
Aarjav Jain, Master's student


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Master's in Management

An intensive general management degree designed to develop outstanding leaders with fearless thinking.

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Global Master's in Management

A management degree designed for those without a traditional background in a business-related field. A distinct track in your second year allows you to prepare for the next step in your management career.


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MSc Marketing

A business-focused, analytical degree providing a platform to develop your career as a strategic and innovative manager.


MSc Human Resources and Organisations

A holistic approach to human resource management thinking combined with a practical focus. This degree prepares you for both success in the workplace or further study. Three distinct tracks allow you to specialise your degree according to your career goals.



MSc Management of Information Systems and Digital Innovation

 A degree at the cutting-edge of technological innovation and its implementation in organisations.



MSc Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Examine the root causes of social issues and learn how to create effective global change through innovation and enterprise on this cutting-edge master’s programme.

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MSc Management and Strategy

Develop strategic and managerial thinking in order to bring clarity to the world's leading businesses. 


MSc Economics and Management

An unparalleled experience to challenge your perspectives on the way firms and markets operate, fast-tracking your career to become an analytic expert at the forefront of economic thought.