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Executive Global Master's in Management

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I was specifically looking for a unique programme focused on a global curriculum


Ben, US

Head of Asset Stewardship, Asia-Pacific at State Street Global Advisors
EGMiM class of 2016-18

What's your academic and professional background?

Prior to my studies at LSE I earned a BSc. in Economics and a MSc. in Economics from the University of Nevada.  During my time at the University of Nevada I was a member of the baseball team and completed an exchange semester at the University of Oslo in Norway.  I  then spent eight years working at Norges Bank Investment Management (NBIM), where I was a member of the Active Ownership team first in the Oslo headquarters and then in New York City.  After graduating from LSE, I began my current role as head of Asset Stewardship, Asia-Pacific for State Street Global Advisors.  I spent time in our headquarters in Boston and am now based out of Tokyo, Japan.

What attracted you to apply for the EGMiM programme?

First, the module format allowed me to simultaneously pursue my academic studies and professional career. I was also drawn to the focused curriculum, tailored to students with global mindsets and interests, as well as to LSE’s world-class reputation and close-knit network.

Did you also consider an MBA? If so, why did you choose EGMiM?

I did not consider a traditional MBA. Given that I was specifically looking for a unique programme focused on a global curriculum, I only considered and applied to EGMiM.  The London, India, and China modules were of particular interest to me.

How has the programme helped the general development of your career? 

The programme’s approach to analysis through the use of established academic frameworks has helped me refine my problem-solving skills to consider more balanced and strategic solutions. 

How have you applied specific learning from the classroom in your work/job role?

I continuously apply what I learned in the classroom at work.  For example, the curriculum is progressive and relevant to the topics that I focus on in my role.  Furthermore, I have been able to integrate the insights synthesized in my dissertation, which explored human capital management and diversity in public corporations, into the Corporate Governance field.

How has the global/international focus of the programme helped your career?

Before starting the programme I had never even visited Asia.  The India and China modules were particularly inspirational and encouraged me to contemplate the corporate governance landscape in the context of issues unique to Asian regions.  Following graduation I accepted my new role in Tokyo, where I oversee the Asia-Pacific region.

What has been the best thing about completing the EGMiM programme for you?

The best thing about completing the programme is the relationships that I have developed during my time at LSE.  Over the course of the programme, every student  completes at least two modules in foreign countries. These experiences established personal and professional bonds with individuals across the globe that are sure to last a life-time.