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Operations Management

Faculty Research Group

We focus on pursuing fundamental research questions that have a bearing on manufacturing and service operations.
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The Operations Management Faculty Research Group produces high quality and high impact research that is published in the premier academic journals in management, operations research, and information systems (e.g., Management Science, Operations Research, Games and Economic Behavior, Information Systems Research)

In keeping with LSE’s tradition of high social impact, faculty in the Operations Management area actively explore questions with a significant public policy component. Faculty have consulted on combinatorial spectrum auctions to the US Federal Communications Commission, the UK National Audit Office, and Innovation, Science and Economic Development, Canada. Faculty have also consulted on environmental auction design to the UK Department of Energy & Climate Change and the Directorate-General for Climate Action of the European Commission. 

Members in this area have strong quantitative backgrounds, interdisciplinary research interests, and a variety of methodological approaches. They are interested in designing and analysing optimisation methods for solving decision problems for operations management in information-rich and highly dynamic environments.

Research focus

Faculty research interests include combinatorial auctions, dynamic pricing, congestion pricing, marketing-production joint decision-making, transportation equilibria, the selection and framing of product assortments in e-commerce, the dynamic recommendation of product assortments to consumers, and the estimation of demand under information censorship. 

Faculty members have both worked full-time and collaborated extensively with multiple industry partners including AT&T Bell Laboratories, Microsoft Research, Hewlett-Packard, SAS and Walmart.