Roop Bhadury

Roop Bhadury

MPhil/PhD Candidate in Information Systems and Innovation

Department of Management

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MAR 5.45
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Bengali, English, Hindi, Marathi
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AI Personality, Bias and Trust and the impact on Digital Transformation

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Roop is an experienced entrepreneur, marketer and technologist, who’s founded tech startups in the US, Australia and India over the past 20 years. He has designed and built products in advertising, marketing, education and healthcare and has had the good fortune to have led some great technical and design teams along the way. He has worked with customers in more than a dozen countries with organisation sizes ranging from small 2-3 person outfits to multi-billion dollar corporations as well as universities, and also done strategy consulting, where he worked with aged care and government.

Being a founder, Roop has some capital raising experience and has raised over US$3MM across his companies. He has a good understanding of intellectual property and has applied for multiple patents with the USPTO throughout the course of my entrepreneurial journey. As he pondered his professional future in a post-pandemic world, he decided to take a step back from his founder role and focus on investing and advisory, while building a deeper understanding of modern technological developments within Artificial Intelligence and its expected impact on organisations.

In alignment with this goal, Roop recently accepted a fully funded place in the PhD program in Information Systems and Innovation at the London School of Economics and Political Science. His research is helping him deeply explore the world of Large Language Models (LLMs) and AI in the context of their implementation and associated challenges within organisations. This research follows on from the commercial work he has done over the past several years in Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and LLMs in his last venture. 

Roop aims to leverage his commercial background and research led understanding to help startups as well as established organisations with their technology interpretation, implementation maturity and growth.

Roop has an MBA (Marketing and Research majors) and a Master of Technology Management from Griffith University in Australia as well as the General Management Program (GMP) from Harvard Business School.

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AI Personality; Bias and Trust and the impact on Digital Transformation