Aaron Aujla

Aaron Aujla

PhD candidate in Employment Relations and Human Resources

Department of Management

Room No
MAR 5.45
Key Expertise
Diversity and Inclusion, Top Management Teams, Employee Volunteering

About me

Aaron graduated from the University of Oxford with a BA in Economics and Management where he earned various prizes and awards, including a Gibb's Prize in Management and a College Scholarship.

Aaron’s research interests focus primarily on issues of diversity and inclusion in organisations, and especially in executive top management teams. His current dissertation research focuses on the effects that ethnic and national cultural diversity within top management teams can have on firm strategy and financial performance. He aims to better understand the mechanisms through which cultural diversity can influence team functioning, decision making, and performance, and to uncover the conditions under which such diversity can be an asset for executive teams.

Alongside his PhD research, Aaron’s other work includes projects seeking to understand the extent to which the use of AI in recruitment can mitigate biases in hiring, and research in the field of employee volunteering programmes.

In addition to his research, Aaron also teaches on courses in Econometrics (MG205) and Management Analytics (MG107SC) within the Department of Management.

Expertise Details

Diversity and Inclusion; Top Management Teams; Employee Volunteering