Professor Yona  Rubinstein

Professor Yona Rubinstein

Professor of Managerial Economics and Strategy and Deputy Head of Department (Faculty Development)

Department of Management

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MAR 6.26
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Key Expertise
Entrepreneurship, earnings inequalities and labour market discrimination

About me

Professor Rubinstein joined the Department in August 2011, having previously held positions at Brown University, the Eitan Berglas School of Economics and the University of Chicago.

Professor Rubinstein works at the frontiers of multiple fields in Economics, including labour economics and international trade and entrepreneurship, and he has regularly published in leading Economics journals including the American Economic ReviewQuarterly Journal of Economics and the Review of Economics Studies

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Managerial Economics and Strategy Faculty Research Group 

Expertise Details

Entrepreneurship; earnings inequalities and labour market discrimination; the formation of trade partners and trade volumes; the economics of fear and peoples' response to terrorism

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