Dr Luc Schneider

Dr Luc Schneider

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Department of Management

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MAR 5.20
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Well-being, well-being enhancing interventions

About me

Dr Luc Schneider is an LSE Fellow in Management (Decision Science) at the London School of Economics and Political Science. He teaches undergraduate and MSc courses in Decision Science. He is also the Head Tutor of LSE’s online Decision Making course and is involved in the teaching of various courses on the Executive MSc in Behavioural Science (from the department of Psychological and Behavioural Science).

Prior to joining the department, Luc obtained his PhD from the Department of Psychological and Behavioural Science at the LSE. He holds an MSc in Behavioural Economics from the Erasmus School of Economics in Rotterdam. His research focuses primarily on understanding the determinants of well-being and on the design and measure of well-being enhancing self-help tools. He is further interested in decision-making processes and how perceptions of work-life balance affect people’s well-being. He has collaborated on various projects for the European Commission and in partnership with organisations like UNICEF.

He is also the author of The 4-Day Diary of an Economics Student, published by the Erasmus School of Economics, and a poetry collection, And while that is, of course, a lie, published by erbacce-press.

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Organisational Behaviour Faculty Research Group

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Well-being; well-being enhancing interventions; personality; decision making