Dr Catherine  Thomas

Dr Catherine Thomas

Associate Professor (Reader) of Managerial Economics and Strategy

Department of Management

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MAR 6.29
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Key Expertise
Organisational economics, strategy, industrial organisation

About me

Dr Catherine Thomas is an Associate Professor of Managerial Economics and Strategy. She is the Director of the Centre for Economic Performance International Trade Programme and a research fellow of the Centre for Economic Policy Research.

Catherine was formerly an Assistant Professor of Economics at Columbia Business School. Her PhD is in Business Economics from Harvard University and she has an MA in Economics from the University of Edinburgh. She worked at McKinsey and Company before starting her PhD.

Catherine's research focuses on three aspects of international economic integration: (1) how firms engage in offshoring, (2) how firms make outsourcing decisions, and (3), the performance consequences of firms' organisational and ownership structures. She has published papers in Economics and Management journals and also serves on several editorial boards. Catherine is the Business Manager of The Review of Economic Studies and she is a trustee of The Wincott Foundation, which supports and encourages high-quality economic, financial and business journalism, in the UK and internationally.

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Managerial Economics and Strategy Faculty Research Group 

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Organisational economics; strategy; industrial organisation; international economics