Dr Antti Lyyra

Dr Antti Lyyra

LSE Fellow

Department of Management

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MAR 4.04
Key Expertise
Artificial Intelligence, Digital Transformation, Product Architectures

About me

Dr Antti Lyyra is an LSE Fellow in Information Systems and Digital Innovation in the Department of Management at the London School of Economics.

His research focuses on digital innovation and transformation in the context of artificial intelligence (AI) and robotics. From social and organisational perspectives, the development and application of AI technologies alter how people and organisations make sense of information or decide on what actions to take. AI technologies also control how robotic systems such as autonomous vehicles behave and interact with those who share the same environment. In other words, AI technologies recast the foundations and locales of sense and decision making.

To study the organisation of AI-based innovation, Dr Lyyra’s recent research has focused on product architectures, value chains, and development processes. Using a historical approach, his research traces and analyses the development and evolution of Tesla Autopilot and the Robot Operating System, seeking to explicate the characteristics that separate AI and robotics innovation from other forms of digital and product innovation. Product architectures and value chains offer a way to analyse how skills, investment, technologies, data, control, negotiation power, and gains can be distributed among the firms and actors taking part in technological innovation, whereas the historical approach provides a broader perspective to technological evolution. In addition, he has three years of professional experience in the autonomous vehicle industry as a lead strategy, market, and operations analyst at Oxbotica.

Dr Lyyra lectures and teaches in the MSc in Information Systems and Digital Innovation (MISDI) programme. The Managing Artificial Intelligence (MG4J8) course approaches the current and emerging matters around AI, big data, and robotics from integrated managerial and strategic perspectives. By assessing the development and application of AI technologies from technical, organisational, social, economic, and political viewpoints, the course provides students with an in-depth understanding of the designing and organising logic for AI. The module Innovation and Information Systems – Concepts and Perspectives (MG487) offers theoretical foundations for studying digital innovation and related organisational and social change. Previously, Dr Lyyra has taught Data Governance – Privacy, Openness and Transparency (MG492), Research Design for Studies in Digital Innovation (MY401), Innovating Organisational Information Technology (MG481), and Organisational Behaviour and Leadership (MG105).  

Prior to his research and work in AI, robotics, and autonomous vehicles at LSE and Oxbotica, he worked for eight years in leading consulting, leading business process development and technical development in work in global programmes in the telecommunication and automotive industries.

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Information Systems and Innovation Faculty Research Group

Expertise Details

Artificial intelligence; robotics; virtual and augmented reality; Digital transformation; social and organisational change; Product and industry architectures; Value chains and innovation dynamics; Ontology