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The impact of our alumni volunteers is invaluable to current students.

I am proud to be giving back to our school in varied ways and having an impact on current students.
Akshay Chopra
HRO alumni


The Alumni Volunteering programme helps LSE to maintain its status as a world class university. The generosity of our dedicated alumni volunteers, enhances the student experience and contributes to the overarching vision of the School.

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Read a real life story from one of our alumni volunteers:


Corine Sheratte

MSc HR Management, 2015

"As a student I loved hearing alumni career stories – they really encouraged me to pursue my career as a Global Equity, Diversity & Inclusion (EDI) Senior Manager. When I became an alum, I therefore wanted to inspire those looking to get into this field, as it's a fantastic career that I would love to see future generations move into. I now frequently speak on a number of EDI panels hosted by the department, and the passion and determination exhibited by the students I speak to never fails to inspire me!

If you volunteer with the department, I encourage you to collaborate and interact with those in attendance, particularly in the networking element of the session – it really is a great opportunity for the students to gain further insights from you."



Nilanthi Sangarabalan

BSc Management, 2010

Watch her short YouTube video where she outlines the events she has voluntered for, what she enjoyed and why more alumni should volunteer for the Department.

"I'd highly encourage alumni to be involved in events like this (welcome week and exchange interview panels), because as a student nothing beats being able to share your own experiences, and what it's really like there, in the real world, after university." 


lunch and learn

David Ravel
BSc Management, 2002

"I wanted to thank all the team at LSE for welcoming me back to speak to a mix of students - both masters and undergraduate. Having graduated from LSE, some 21 years ago, now, it has been a true delight to remain involved with an institution that has paved the way for my current career. It was a genuine privilege to meet so many of the bright candidates coming through from the management course and engage with them as we discussed different approaches to careers and the power and importance of networking and strategies that can support, smart networking, career growth, and in entrepreneurship, even within a corporate environment.

I can’t recommend the involvement in the Lunch & Learn Series more highly, and would recommend all my fellow alumni to give back to this incredible institution. I assure you, you will get back far more from giving up your time  and insights, then the time the cost in the time from your day. I very much hope to be involved in many more of these and look forward to being invited back again I hope!"


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Akshay Chopra
MSc Human Resources and Organisations, 2018

"Whilst I was a student, I attended a lot of HRO alumni panels, where they would discuss ways to enhance one’s employability skills in the current job market. Alumni also provided their insights via the HRM Skills and Practitioner/Speaker Series where the panel would discuss topics specific to HR. These sessions gave us essential ingredients to build a strong business acumen, develop independent thinking, and make democratic decisions as a step towards managing global human resources.

Our Alumni team is truly hands-on and inspired me to become an active member of the DoM community. They continuously provide the student community with multiple opportunities to be in touch with alumni, such as panel discussions, mentoring sessions, exchange interviews etc. I most of all enjoy attending student and alumni networking evenings where fellow alumni, employers, students, and staff can get together and share/learn from each other’s experiences.

Every time I am back to campus for an event as a proud alum, it is great to witness the ever-growing partnerships LSE has with some brilliant organisations and the amazing impact our students are having whilst being associated with them.  

I have volunteered with the Department by being a panellist for the ‘Careers in Talent, Learning & Development’ event that took place for all MSc programmes within the Department. It was a fantastic opportunity to connect with driven minds aspiring a career in this space, and to share my fascination for all things talent, particularly from my current role with PageGroup.

I also volunteered to be on the alumni/staff panel in the BSc Exchange Interviews, where BSc students were applying to go on exchange in the third year of their programme. I was proud to receive the Department's first Student Impact Alumni Award for my volunteering contributions to the student community.

For those considering to volunteer I would say: “there is no better way to give back to a place that has given you so much” particularly career advice and life skills. Whilst you get to share your experiences with the students, at the same time you get to learn so much from the broader LSE community."



Ambika Kapur
MSc Management and Strategy, 2015

"I graduated from my MSc in Management and Strategy in 2015, following which I have been volunteering at various alumni events. During my masters, I connected with several management alumni who gave me valuable advice and helped me make the most of my programme, extracurricular activities, as well as tap into a new international job market successfully – all within the space of nine months! As a student, I benefited hugely from engaging with alumni, and this encourages me to give back and share my knowledge with current students now, as an alumna myself.

Since graduating, I have been back at LSE almost every year (often multiple times) to share my experience and insights with current Management and Strategy students, as well as with those from the broader Department of Management. I also had the opportunity to work with LSE to represent and recruit for the two firms I have worked for – PwC and Intapp. This allowed me to tap into the great potential of LSE candidates, which led to me setting up my current company’s first graduate consultant programme and recruiting a student from LSE.

I would encourage all alumni to be an active part of the fantastic community in place at LSE. It’s a great way to give back, engage with students who might be a good fit for our companies and also find out about interesting activities other alumni are up to!"