Senior Alum Profile - October 2023

Kamal Khan

Keep gaining professional certifications as it shows you are serious about your self-development and are keeping your skills up-to-date

 Kamal Khan

  • Programme studied and Year of Graduation: 

    Diploma in Management Science (1985) and ADMIS (1987)

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Kamal Khan successfully recieved his Diploma in Management Science in 1985, followed by the completion of MSc ADMIS (now known as MISDI) in 1987. Since graduating he has worked in a variety of industries in the City and across the Middle East, before becoming a self-employed cybersecurity consultant, auditor and trainer.

Current job title and description of what this role entails:

I am a self-employed cybersecurity consultant, auditor and trainer. I provide advice and consultancy on Cybersecurity and IT Governance, and also provide cybersecurity training to CISO’s and CTO’s. I am also a qualified coach.

Tell us about your career journey after graduating.

Since completing my programme, I have gained an understanding of the myriad of risks and challenges whilst managing and controlling highly complex information systems in oil and gas processing plants, refineries, satellite systems, financial institutions, utilities, hospitals, transport and distribution systems. I developed and implemented Information Security policies, trained and mentored Infosec professionals, advised on a number of complex systems development projects, wrote and reviewed publications such as Audit and Control of SAP R/3, Cobit, and have spoken on Cybersecurity and Ethical use of IT at conferences and professional associations around the world. I have worked in a variety of industries such as Retail, Wholesale and Investment Banking, Utilities and Oil & Gas. I was in the City and also spent ten years in the Middle East.

How has the programme you studied helped your career since you graduated?

It was quite an intensive course, and I covered a wide range of subjects and topics, both technical and non-technical. This has made me very adaptable and able to grasp both aspects of a business. I also learned how to research unfamiliar subjects, and this has helped not only understand the area, but also identify weaknesses and risks, and recommend improvements.

What’s the best piece of career advice you’ve received?

To keep gaining professional certifications as it shows you are serious about your self-development and are keeping your skills up-to-date. I still keep on working towards new qualifications and certifications.
What’s the greatest challenge you’ve had to overcome?
Honestly, it was moving myself and my family to the Middle East and understanding a very big and complex organisation. One of the more critical systems I worked on was satellite systems used for drilling hundreds of miles away. I also worked on a pipeline system which was driven by Rolls Royce jet engines
What are your hopes for the future?
To keep learning and helping others achieve their potential.
Share with us your fondest memory of the Department of Management.
It would probably be working as a Teaching Assistant and teaching coding to groups of undergraduates and graduates. 
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