Alum of the Month - October 2023

Aymen Dewji

The biggest takeaway from being at LSE was the sense of inclusivity and curiosity the school encouraged and the feeling of community I felt with my peers, it was like finding your tribe!



  • Programme studied: MSc Management & International Human Resources 
  • Year of Graduation: 2007
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After graduating from LSE, Aymen spent her career leading transformative change for Fortune 500 leaders within the retail, energy and financial sector. Aymen led the change management program for two of the largest retail sector acquisitions in the North American market and one of the largest energy sector mergers within Canada.   

In 2017, Aymen founded ShiftRight a human capital consulting firm with a passion for change. ShiftRight’s ethos is grounded in the belief that change done well is ‘Change made easy!’ 

Tell us about your career journey since graduating from LSE. 

Since graduating from LSE, I have spent my career leading transformational change for Fortune 500 organizations and public sector bodies such as the United Nations and international governments.

Working in change management has given me the unique opportunity to understand and effectively navigate the needs of different stakeholder groups across global environments. It’s provided me with an insight into how to effectively lead diverse teams, develop and actively champion a compelling case for change, and the importance of leading with empathy and transparency when going through periods of ambiguity or uncertainty. 

How did your time at LSE, particularly the programme you studied, contribute to your career in change management, specifically within your role as Managing Partner at Shiftright? 

What I loved about my experience at LSE is that it gave me the opportunity to consider perspectives and viewpoints beyond the traditional North American approach to management. Given the international diversity of the student body, I really valued the conversations and schools of thought that required me to consider alternative ways of coming to a solution.    

My experience at LSE motivated me to start ShiftRight. Our tagline is ‘Change Made Easy,’ and our ethos is grounded in the belief that successful change must have an intentional approach and simple delivery to be sustainable. I wanted to curate a model to provide enterprise change solutions that would truly drive sustainable behavioural adoption whilst equipping our clients with the tools to ensure that they not only shift but ‘shift right’. 

LSE’s focus on critical thinking and considering alternative ways to come to a solution helped me to objectively analyse external market gaps and come up with an alternative service offering through the creation of ShiftRight.  

How are you helping further the discussion around change adoption? Are there any future trends/insights you can share with our students and fellow alumni? 

We are witnessing an interesting time within the global workplace.The aftermath of COVID has objectively demonstrated the resilience and ability of global teams to adapt to a massive amount of change with agility and speed. At the same time, the pace of digital solutions, AI-based platforms, and expectations for change adoption have accelerated. The unique challenge most organisations are facing now is how to ensure they effectively recognise, nurture, and leverage the real ‘human skill’ of their workforce, versus those parts of the operations that can be automated.  

We are helping to further the conversation on change adoption through our thought leadership content and involvement with several leading industry partners.Our articles and research are based on real-life case studies and consequently, our recommendations are rooted in the practicality of what works versus what doesn’t.   

What is one piece of advice you would share with current students or recent graduates looking to follow in your career footsteps? Are there any specific blogs/pieces of research that you’d like to highlight to our students? 

If you see a gap in the market and believe you can solve it or do it better, go for it! Don’t wait for the perfect time, or moment, that does not exist. Start, and keep going and always put out a product or service that you are proud of and that will be a testament to your continued success.   

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Share with us your fondest memory of the Department of Management. 

There are many! From the peers I met, to the calibre of the speakers and change makers we had access to, to the fact that the campus is situated in the middle of central London! The biggest takeaway was the sense of inclusivity and curiosity the school encouraged and the feeling of community I felt with my peers, it was like finding your tribe!  

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