Alum of the Month - December 2023

Fikun Aluko

Growth is the only hope that tomorrow will be better. It reminds me that stagnation can hinder progress, but by embracing a growth mindset and constantly pushing myself to improve, I can create a brighter and more successful future for my career.

Fikun Aluko headshot


  • Programme studied: Management of Information Systems and Digital Innovation
  • Year of Graduation: 2022
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Fikun discusses how beneficial the MISDI progamme has been to his successful career, as well as an insight into his current role at Skillharvest, where he was a founding member. He delves into why, and how he would like to push boundaries and make a meaningful impact across innovation, talent development, and cybersecurity. 

Current job title and description of what this role entails:

Currently, I hold the position of Director of Product at Skilharvest, an Ed-Tech platform that aims to bridge global skills gaps. In this role, I am responsible for driving the product strategy and development of the organisation. I oversee the Product-tech team and ensure the successful development and delivery of all digital products. I also work with executives to identify and implement innovative solutions that fuel the growth of Skilharvest. 

Tell us about your career journey since graduating from LSE.

Since graduating from my programme at LSE, my career has taken exciting turns. I had the privilege of working as a Software Engineering Coach at Multiverse.io, a leading UK EdTech startup company valued at $1.7 billion. In this role, I mentored junior engineers from top tech firms, guiding them in strategy and scalable enterprise product development. I also took charge of onboarding engineers and engineering managers across prominent technology organisations in the UK. 

Afterwards, I embarked on a new venture as a founding team member and Director of Product at Skilharvest. Here, I drive the strategy and development of our Ed-Tech platform, empowering over 7,000,000 techno-crafts worldwide. My role also includes collaborating with the executive team, implementing innovative solutions to foster Skilharvest's growth. 

Furthermore, I partner with renowned consulting firms in EMEA to design services and products that leverage emerging technologies for business improvement in various industries, including finance, banking, telecom, oil & gas, and manufacturing. 

Additionally, I have been privileged to share my expertise on cybersecurity innovation within global platforms. For example, I presented my work on "The Role of Leadership Traits in Driving Effective Cybersecurity Management in Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (SMEs) in Sub-Saharan Africa" at the LSE festival presentations in June 2023. I have also actively participated as an ecosystem mentor and speaker at cybersecurity innovation hackathons, while continuously experimenting with Minimum Viable Product (MVP) solutions for cybersecurity products. 

Through these endeavours, I have achieved significant milestones, pushing boundaries, and making a meaningful impact in the world of innovation, talent development, and cybersecurity. 

How has the programme you studied helped your career since you graduated?

The experience gained from the MISDI programme at LSE has been incredibly valuable, particularly in terms of providing me with a perspective to observe innovation within context. The abundance of innovation strategies, tools, and frameworks from the course has influenced my approach to innovation work. Furthermore, the relationships and individuals I met during the programme have broadened my network on a global scale, both in professional and personal capacities. 

What’s the best piece of career advice you’ve received?

"Growth is the only hope that tomorrow will be better." It reminds me that stagnation can hinder progress, but by embracing a growth mindset and constantly pushing myself to improve, I can create a brighter and more successful future for my career. 

What’s the greatest challenge you’ve had to overcome?

The greatest challenge I've had to overcome was finding a balance whilst studying the MISDI programme. I often likened it to a buffet where there were so many exciting things to consume, but it wasn't possible to devour them all. Initially, I felt overwhelmed, trying to absorb everything. However, I soon realised that it was more like a buffet where I had to be selective, focusing on the essential elements while exploring my interests. And you know what? It worked! 

What are your hopes for the future?

My goal for the future centres around addressing two crucial challenges in the global innovation and technology space: the shortage of tech talent and the rising threat of cyber-attacks. It's concerning to see a significant skilled technology professionals shortage, as highlighted in a survey by Robert Walters. Additionally, the COVID-19 pandemic has led to a drastic increase in cybercrime, as reported by the University of Maryland. 

As a Digital leader, my passion lies in tackling these issues head-on. I aim to contribute by designing and developing innovative digital platforms that provide unique solutions. Moreover, I seek to collaborate with organisations, educational institutions, and other stakeholders within the ecosystem to create comprehensive strategic approaches to these problems. Ultimately, I envision myself as a global thought leader, offering valuable insights and intelligence to help resolve these challenges and drive positive change in the industry. 

Share with us your fondest memory of the Department of Management.

Oh, definitely, "The sprint week." I remember it being both incredibly exhausting and loads of fun. We challenged ourselves to build a product from scratch within just five days. It was a whirlwind of intense work and collaboration, but looking back, those were definitely good times! 

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