Alum of the Month - March 2017

Tara Priya Chandra.

Forming friendships with such wonderful and inspiring people was the highlight, and I consult and value their advice to this day. Tara Priya Chandra

  • Programme studied: Executive Global Master's in Management (EGMiM)
  • Year of Graduation: 2015
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We picked Tara as Alum of the Month for March because of her incredible achievements in several fields. Aside from working in finance and business development, Tara is also a signed recording artist and has released two albums. She now is the co-founder of FLO - a concept she developed whilst studying at LSE - with her business partner from the EGMiM programme. Read on to discover her journey to success and see what lessons you can apply to your career from the music industry.

What’s your current job?

Co-founder at FLO. FLO is a sassy, socially-conscious brand of brilliantly organic feminine hygiene care.

Where have you worked previously?

For mobile app DripApp (in business development); myself as Tara Priya; for a Mark Cuban-funded start-up acquired by Five Four Club; and for Merrill Lynch.

How has the programme you studied helped your career since you graduated? 

LSE and the EGMiM programme encouraged me to develop my dissertation into a viable business, and my co-founder was in the EGMiM programme with me. I’m now launching my start-up, FLO, thanks to the support and feedback from my cohorts, my professors and the GENERATE start-up competition at LSE, which I won this year. What’s more, on the basis of FLO, LSE nominated me for a global competition for female MBA students, hosted by the Committee of 200; I won and was given a scholarship as part of the C200 Scholar Award. Meeting some of the incredible women in the C200 has been a valuable gift, and it’s thanks to LSE. 

What do you regard as some of your greatest accomplishments to date?

I won the national Scholastic Arts & Writing Award gold medal and the National Foundation for the Advancement of the Arts writing award; I finished my B.A. in Economics at Columbia University two years early; my 2012 album was #2 on the R&B/Soul charts in Japan and had the #6 single on the Billboard Japan charts; I’ve launched my own start-up, FLO.

Tell us about your experiences of the music industry.

I signed record deals with independent labels in Europe and Asia and put out albums in 2012 and 2014. The first album did well, and I spent 2011-2012 touring in Europe, Canada and Asia. I was managing myself at that point, so I was responsible for handling my publishing company, sourcing and securing deals (publishing, record, distribution, agents, etc.), leading my backup band and organizing all my travel and tours.

It was difficult but taught me so much; I gained a strong work ethic, determination, the ability to stay calm and kind under pressure and the confidence to rock up to any stage or person. I also learned (often the hard way!) the importance of budgeting, a good team and delegation.

I ended up signing to David Letterman’s entertainment conglomerate for artist management, but shortly after, he decided to retire, and my division closed in 2013. I took the opportunity to move to London and attend LSE while continuing to pursue music in the UK, where I signed to new management and began recording a new album. My second album came out exclusively in Asia in 2014 and did well, but I couldn’t tour because of my studies at LSE. I still perform in London and I am finishing up my debut UK album.

My experiences in the music industry made me stronger and more independent, while underscoring the power of teamwork. I also strongly believe in helping others whenever I can, because so many people gave me introductions and advice that led me to where I am today. Your attitude and effort can make a significant difference in the lives of others. 

What was the best thing about studying in the Department of Management?

My classes were excellent and my professors were invested and fantastic resources. My classmates, however, were undoubtedly the best part of the programme. Forming friendships with such wonderful and inspiring people was the highlight, and I consult and value their advice to this day.