Alum of the Month - March 2018

Irina Albita

'The Department of Management has an incredible worldwide outreach, with alumni living across the globe and working in diverse fields'.
Irina Albita


  • Programme studied: MSc Management, Organisations & Governance
  • Year of Graduation: 2011
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Irina Albita is our Alum of the Month for March. She is the Co-Founder of several marketplace platforms, with a passion for the film industry. Irina is currently exploring how blockchain technology can radically transform the payment models across the creative industries.

What’s your current job?

I am the Co-Founder of Big Couch, a fintech startup in the entertainment industry that supports independent filmmakers and video content creators worldwide with a new funding mechanisms called ‘crewfunding’. With support from the UK government and in partnership with Imperial College London, Big Couch has been developing on blockchain to create a new product called FilmChain. FilmChain is a decentralised revenue collection and revenue distribution platform for independent filmmakers. 

Where have you worked previously?

I co-founded a peer-to-peer marketplace for travel activities in the Balkans called 4tripsters (with my class colleague Andrey Davidov). I also founded an online platform called Albi.ro, which curates and sells Mediterranean delicatessen products on the Romanian market.  

How has the programme you studied helped your career since you graduated?

The advanced business Master's in Management, Organisations and Governance programme had a great emphasis on entrepreneurship, through classes such as 'New Venture Creation', which consolidated my interest in innovation and equipped me with the right tools to start a business. Once I graduated, I continued to tap into the Department of Management’s network of professors, mentors and peers who facilitated valuable industry introductions and guided me through difficult business decisions. 

What is the greatest challenge you've had to overcome?

After a few years of intense work at 4tripsters, the start-up failed and we had to close down the business. It was a truly challenging and humbling experience. It showed me how important it is to have a relentless focus and to choose not only things to do, but also things not to do. Being resource-constrained, constant prioritisation of my time and efforts became one of the key principles guiding my day-to-day work at Big Couch. 

What has been the best experience in your career to date?

In 2017, Big Couch was officially invited to present at the Berlin Film Festival and Cannes Film Festival as part of their prestigious Producers’ Networks (where we were recognised as one of the most innovative companies in the film industry). It was a truly incredible experience to have industry veterans and experts find our work both valuable and transformative.

What’s the best thing about being part of the Department of Management alumni community?

The Department of Management has an incredible worldwide outreach, with alumni living across the globe and working in diverse fields: finance, technology, NGOs and public services. With Big Couch sitting at the intersection of several fields - technology, film and finance - being able to connect and tap into this diverse network is invaluable.