Alum of the Month - June 2016

Rabia Shahab

Follow the profession in which you have passion and talent, because only then will you put your best effort in it and reach the top. Rabia Shahab

  • Programme studied: MSc Public Management and Governance 
  • Year of Graduation: 2010
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What's your current job? 

I have just relocated to Toronto from Vancouver and I'm looking for the next great opportunity.

Where have you worked previously?

I have a vast range of work experience, most recently in the education sector internationally, including roles at the University of British Columbia - a leading university in Canada - and Lahore University of Management Science in Pakistan. I helped make the national policies of health, education and gender for the Government of Pakistan while working in a Think Tank for a political party. It provided amazing opportunities to collaborate and brainstorm with stake holders, bureaucrats and political leaders of Pakistan. 

How has the programme helped your career since you graduated? 

It helped develop my critical thinking skills about approaches to public sector practices and an in-depth understanding of international business strategy.

What would you tell someone thinking of studying at the Department of Management?

Close your eyes and blindly join the Department of Management! Once in, pay attention to the lectures and seminars, attend the guest speaker opportunities (as they invite and attract Nobel laureates, political leaders etc.), and don't forget to network with your classmates as they will be heading various organisations - if not countries - soon after graduation!

If you could choose another profession, what would it be? 

I am very happy with my profession and decisions, but if I had to choose another then it might be to join politics and contest in federal elections.

What's the best piece of advice you have ever received? 

Follow the profession in which you have passion and talent, because only then will you put your best effort in it and reach the top in that profession. Otherwise, if you follow a career only because you think it is going to pay well or other such reasons - not because you're passionate about it - you will always remain mediocre in such a profession.

The enjoyment and success you will get in a profession in which you reach the top, will be far superior to the life and enjoyment you will have in a profession where you remain mediocre. So please follow a career path in which you will reach the top!