Alum of the Month - January 2019

John Raymund S. Almeda

'The LSE Management influence in me ripples through my work in the Philippines'.
John Raymund S. Almeda


  • Programme studied: MSc Organisational Behaviour
  • Year of Graduation: 2014
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Alum of the Month for January is John. Since completing his MSc, John has been leading the way for human capital activities among South East Asian Central Banks.

What’s your current job?

For more than ten years now, I have been working full-time for the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (Central Bank of the Philippines). Starting as a specialist in Competency Development, Career Management, Talent Development, Performance Management, and Organisational Development, I am now a Strategic Partner for Human Capital Management. This involves coordinating the strategic objectives of the central bank on employee motivation, accountability, and competence, among other functions. This year, I received a special citation as a Model Employee for my performance in the central bank in 2017.

Alongside my work at the Central Bank of the Philippines, I teach Organisational Behaviour and People Management courses at a premier university in the Philippines. Starting in 2019, I will also serve as a resource speaker for various HR training programmes organised by the Personnel Officers Association of the Philippines.

Where have you worked previously?

For almost one year I worked for the Philippine Sports Commission as a Consultant, working with the Philippine Sports Institute, as well as being a Researcher at the Philippine Centre for Sports Medicine. I also volunteered for a national movement on livelihood programmes and poverty alleviation for a few months during my undergraduate degree.

What was it like moving from the Philippines to study at LSE’s Department of Management?

I felt blessed to have received an unconditional offer from LSE, a university that is in the midst of a cosmopolitan city harmonising business, finance, and government milieus all at the same time. It was the perfect blend for me as a central banker, since I also needed to apply my learnings upon my return. I was determined to embrace the comprehensive nature of the Department of Management, and London’s culture, with open arms!

My aim when I moved to LSE was to bring back more progressive perspectives and frameworks that I could directly apply to my work at the Central Bank of the Philippines, to help us improve our understanding and management of organisational behaviour. My experience at LSE’s Department of Management equipped me with responsive initiatives and best practices from London and, as a whole, the United Kingdom.

How has studying at the Department of Management allowed you to make an impact?              

My time studying at the Department of Management equipped me with strategic behavioural skills that enabled me to contribute to the Central Bank of the Philippines’ pioneering human capital activities among South East Asian Central Banks. Being highly technical in nature, central banking business may be far from viewing human behaviour as an equally vital domain, but in the Philippines, we have made it happen.

Directly involved in HR strategies, I drafted the proposal to highlight human capital research and training activities in South East Asia and coordinated organisational capability strategies for the Central Bank of the Philippines. In 2016, I drafted the chapter on Human Capital Investment in the fourth published book from the Central Bank of the Philippines. Since then, we have been recognised by the Civil Service Commission as the top government agency on human capital management.

Thus, the LSE Management influence in me ripples from my contributed HR strategies, to the overall central banking strategy and international initiatives. I am also able to influence other institutions; and continue to share my expertise with various academic and corporate institutions across the Philippines.

What one piece of advice would you give to a current student or recent graduate?

Take advantage of this rare opportunity of learning that bridges the theory-and-practice divide. Analyse critically, be more inquisitive, contribute your insights to academic discussions, and become a thought-leader. It’s the investment that has priceless return in almost all facets of life.

Are there any other projects or hobbies you’ve been working on outside of work?

Since 2015, I have been serving as a council representative for the employees association in the Central Bank of the Philippines wherein I chaired the Educational and Cultural Committee for two years, providing input on the improvement of people management policies and programmes. In the university where I do part-time lectures, I also served as an adviser for fairness and equality. On the creative side, I sing and host events, frolic in the beautiful beaches in the Philippine islands, travel abroad from time to time, do community outreach, and spend quality time with family and friends.