Alum of the Month - January 2018

Marianna Nowaczyk

'Both the BSc Management Sciences and the MSc International Management, were key in shaping my professional interests and interpersonal skills'.
Marianna Nowaczyk


  • Programme studied: BSc Management Sciences and MSc International Management
  • Year of Graduation: 2008
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Marianna Nowaczyk is our Alum of the Month for January. She completed her MSc in International Management in 2008. Marianna now works in Client Relationship Management at UniCredit Group.

What’s your current job?
I work in Client Relationship Management within UniCredit Group. Based in London, I organise, drive and moderate the Global Markets Client Committees. It is a disciplined process to review coverage initiatives, discuss synergies, identify cross-selling opportunities and tackle strategic issues related to Global Markets Clients. My function overlooks a number of client intelligence initiatives and involves some marketing activity. The overall aim is to keep the client coverage effort coordinated and the clients’ needs at the centre of Global Markets business.
Where have you worked previously? 
While still at LSE I worked two summers on the trading floors of Goldman Sachs in London and Frankfurt. In 2008, I briefly worked at the European Investment Fund in Luxembourg. Following that, I joined the Graduate Program at UniCredit London as a sales person in Cash Equities. After broking stocks for two years, I joined the strategic project team. In 2013 I returned to sales of Foreign Exchange product for two years before assuming my Client Relationship Management role.
How has the programme you studied helped your career since graduation?

Both the BSc Management Sciences and the MSc International Management, were key in shaping my professional interests and interpersonal skills. 

Academically, the finance, valuation and economics knowledge came in very handy while broking equities and discussing macroeconomics with buy side fund managers and analysts in my sales roles. Also, the reasoning techniques I learnt guided me through complex strategic projects during my business management appointments.

Career wise, the LSE Career Centre in combination with the CEMS corporate partners network were helpful while researching graduate programs. I ended up choosing to work for UniCredit because of its pan-European culture that is so in line with the values of the CEMS programme.

My exchange term at the University of St Gallen, Switzerland, gave me a lot of confidence in my ability to cooperate with and influence people from diverse backgrounds, which is key to getting things done in my role! 

What led you to work in your chosen field? 
Having rotated between front office roles and business management functions, I learnt that management, be it project management, client relationship management or change management, is a niche skill in the financial services industry that I could excel in. I felt that having studied optimisation, simulation and management, on top of principles of finance and economics, gave me an edge in pursuing a management career in the City.
What are some of your best memories from studying in the Department of Management? 

The students from the Department of Management were one of the friendliest groups on the campus, despite the wide range of backgrounds we all came from. Some of my best memories were those spent in project groups on campus, or discovering the exciting bars and restaurants in nearby Soho. Even during my MSc year when most of us went away to different exchange schools around the CEMS & IMEX networks, we kept in contact long after graduation. As a result, apart from the academic side, the best thing I walked away with from the LSE was the network of lifelong friends whom I still visit regularly! 

What one piece of advice would you give to a current student or recent graduate?

In my experience, building a solid career is a multiyear marathon rather than a sprint right after graduation. My advice is to proactively seek opportunities that bring you closer towards your dream job, but don’t be afraid to step off the beaten track.