Inderbir Bhullar

Inderbir Bhullar

Curator for Economics and Social Policy

LSE Library

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Archives, Research, Course Development

About me

Inderbir (Indy) Bhullar is Curator for Economics and Social Policy in LSE Library.  He joined the Library along with The Women’s Library in 2013, where he had previously worked as librarian. He puts on exhibitions, writes blogs and attempts to connect our collections with academics, students and anyone with an interest in finding out more.

Links to writings

Indy writes about his experience exploring the LSE Library collections.

You can read Indy's posts and follow him on Medium and also read his posts on the LSE History blog

Indy wrote a chapter for the 2019 book, Charles Booth’s London Poverty Maps published by Thames and Hudson.  

You can read his review of Laura Vaughan’s book Mapping Society on LSE Review of Books.

Collection highlights

You can also consult his collection highlight pages on the LSE Library website. These pages explore themes within the Library archives and special collections and provide pointers to material that could be used in teaching and research. Get in touch with Indy if you want to know more. 

Past exhibitions

Indy has curated a number of exhibitions held at LSE. Find out more about these:

Expertise Details

Research; Course development; Writing; Archives and special collections