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Short Courses at LSE Law School

2 - eu competition law

Short Course on Advanced EU Competition Law (upcoming in 2024)

This 16-hour executive education course will assist attendees define legal strategies and assess risk within organisations; provide an in-depth and systematic overview of some fundamental aspects of EU competition law; and define a framework for the analysis of legal matters and evaluation of potential outcomes in practice.

1 - digital services

Short Course on EU Digital Services Act (January-February 2024)

A 16-hour executive education course, providing a systematic overview of the main components and individual obligations in the EU Digital Service Act (DSA); exploring in-depth case studies of the most relevant and cutting-edge issues of the DSA, including those that are likely to be litigated; and discussing practical strategies for compliance with DSA’s content moderation rules and other due diligence obligations.

3 - global financial regulation

Short Course on Global Financial Regulation (19–23 February 2024)

The short course on Global Financial Regulation is one-week intensive executive course. It concerns the regulatory framework for the global financial industry. It is designed to equip participants with a holistic view of interrelated regulatory strategies and tools used by regulators and supervisors around the world. After completing this course, participants are enabled to apply, debate and shape these strategies and tools, in relation to their own jurisdiction and in respect of the fast-evolving international framework.

5 - eu

Short Course on State Aid and Subsidies Regulation (upcoming in 2024)

This 16-hour executive education course will provide a systematic, in-depth, overview of the fundamentals of EU State aid law and UK subsidies regulation, giving public and private bodies the instruments to adjust to a new legal landscape following the adoption of the EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement,. The course gives attendees a toolkit for the analysis of legal matters and the assessment of the risk and opportunities deriving from certain strategies. 

4 - fintech

Regulating the Digitisation of the Financial Services Market (Fintech) 
(this course will run twice in 2024: from 8–12 April 2024; and 4–8 November 2024)

This one week executive short course considers the re-shaping and re-conceptualisation of significant parts of financial regulation and supervision, necessary to enable and control contemporary and future ways to provide and use financial services and products. It will enable participants to chart the extended boundaries of regulation and supervision affecting financial services, put relevant legislative projects into context and develop strategies on how to implement changes to the regulatory framework of financial services in practice.