Research projects

Learn more about LSE Law School's research initiatives including the Criminal Law and Criminal Justice Theory Forum, the Law and Economics Forum, the Law and Financial Markets Project, the Legal Biography Project, and the Legal and Political Theory Forum.


Criminal Law and Criminal Justice Theory Forum

The aim of the Forum is to provide a platform for interdisciplinary dialogue on the criminal law and the criminal justice system. Its members and affiliates (mainly from LSE Law School but also other LSE Departments and institutions) conduct research on various aspects of criminal law and criminal justice from a variety of methodological standpoints (moral, political and social theory, criminology, anthropology etc.).


Law and Financial Markets Project

The Law and Financial Markets Project unites LSE Law School faculty specialising in in the law and regulation of financial markets. It provides a framework for co-operation with associated participants from outside academia to explore the interactions of law, regulation, financial markets and financial institutions, principally within the EU and the UK.  


Legal Biography Project

Legal biographies and autobiographies are a rich and important source of information about the legal system, the evolution of case law and statute and legal cultures more generally. Yet, despite a growing interest over the last fifty years in the information such studies contain, they have been much neglected in the study of law. The Legal Biography Project, convened by LSE Law School at the LSE, seeks to remedy this omission by providing a focus in Britain for biographical research in law. The aim of the project is to create a rich foundation for scholarship on legal history, legal biography and the history of the legal profession. 


Legal and Political Theory Forum

The Legal & Political Theory Forum was set up in September 2007 in order to provide an umbrella for seminars and colloquia on topics of common interest to scholars and graduate students working in various disciplinary areas, but particularly in the fields of politics and law. The Forum holds a series of seminars during term-time, at which papers are presented by academics who are based either at LSE or more commonly elsewhere.



Law and Economics Forum

The Law and Economics Forum brings together economists and lawyers engaged in interdisciplinary research to present their work, engage in an exchange of research themes and methodological approaches, and foster interdisciplinary collaboration. The Forum organises regular seminars, workshops and conferences, and members of the Forum produce research output in the form of journal articles, working papers, and monographs employing both qualitative and quantitative methods.