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Private Law

LSE Law School's rich tradition in private law ranges from doctrinal and comparative analyses of contract, torts, unjust enrichment and property law, to broader histories and theories of private law. One distinguishing feature of our private law tradition is its emphasis on the continuity between general common law principles and the more specialized regimes of commercial, labour and consumer law. Another is its strong interest in the social and political context of private law and its real-world impact on vulnerable or weaker parties.

Eminent LSE staff who have taught and researched on private law in the past include Lord Wright, Theo Chorley, Harold Gutteridge, Sir Otto Kahn-Freund, L.C.B. (Jim) Gower, Aubrey Diamond, Bill Cornish, Baron (Bill) Wedderburn, Sir Ross Cranston, and Hugh Collins. The law school currently has a thriving private law community (listed below), and holds regular seminars, including the Private Law Forum series, to discuss work on these topics by LSE faculty and scholars from other institutions. The Private Law Forum is currently convened by Nick Sage and Andrew Summers.


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