Dr Stavros Makris

Dr Stavros Makris

LSE Fellow

LSE Law School

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Cheng Kin Ku Building 7.22
Key Expertise
Competition Law, Market Regulation, Philosophy of Law

About me

Stavros Makris is a Fellow in Law at LSE Law School. He completed his PhD in competition law at the European University Institute (EUI). His thesis develops the idea of EU competition law as responsive law, and explores the European Commission’s commitments practice under this lens. He obtained an LLM degree (with distinction) from University College London, and holds a Bachelor of Law and a Master in Philosophy of Law (with distinction) from the University of Athens. During his doctoral studies at the EUI, he was an editor and the EU Law Head of Section of the European Journal Legal Studies, the coordinator of the EUI Competition Law Working Group and a Grotius visiting researcher at the University of Michigan Law School. Prior to joining the LSE, he was a postdoctoral researcher at Wageningen University and a teaching fellow at Sciences Po Paris (Euro-American Campus of Reims).

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Research interests

Stavros’ research interests include competition law, market regulation, and philosophy of law. His current research focuses on (a) the role of value disagreements in competition law; (b) how competition law changes and adapts to changing circumstances; and (c) the potential it holds to structure and shape our relationship with digital technologies and the environment.


External Activities

  • External Legal Adviser for the Hellenic Competition Commission
  • Peer Reviewer, Journal of Competition Law and Economics
  • Peer Reviewer, Journal of Antitrust Enforcement


  • ‘EU Competition Law as Responsive Law' Cambridge Yearbook of European Legal Studies 2021 (online first)
  • ‘Openness and Integrity in Antitrust’ (2020) 16 3 Journal of Competition Law and Economics 1-62
  • ‘Antitrust Governance in an Era of Rapid Change’ in Björn Lundqvist and Michal S. Gal, Competition Law for the Digital Economy (Edward Elgar 2019) 329-367
  • ‘Commitments and network governance in EU antitrust: Gasorba’ (co-authored with Alexander Ruiz Feases) (2018) 55 6 Common Market Law Review 1959-1988 
  • ‘Exploring the Ordoliberal Paradigm: The Competition - Democracy Nexus’ (co-authored with Elias Deutscher, 50/50) (2016) 11 2 Competition Law Review 181-214 
  • ‘Applying Normative Theories in EU Competition Law: Exploring Article 102 TFEU’ (2014) 3 UCL Journal of Law and Jurisprudence 30-57
  • Translation of H.L.A. Hart, The Concept of Law (OUP, 1961) from English to Greek for Arsenides Publishing House (2019)