Dr Elizabeth Howell

Dr Elizabeth Howell

Assistant Professor of Law

LSE Law School

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Cheng Kin Ku Building 6.02
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About me

Elizabeth is an Assistant Professor of Law. Before joining the LSE, Elizabeth was a Lecturer at the University of Cambridge. She has a DPhil from the University of Oxford, a LLM from the University of Utrecht, and a LLB from the University of Edinburgh. Before undertaking her PhD, she previously qualified as a solicitor and practised in a City Law Firm.

Elizabeth has been a visiting fellow at the University of Hong Kong (HKU), a visiting researcher at the Max Planck Institute in Hamburg and Munich, and a visiting scholar at Columbia Law School.

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Research interests

Elizabeth’s main research interest is to explore UK and EU financial markets regulation. There are three key strands to her work at present: i) Brexit and the evolving UK/EU financial governance relationship ii) the design and development of financial markets regulators in the UK and EU (namely the Financial Conduct Authority, and the European Securities and Markets Authority); and iii) the relationship between law and markets, specifically the current decline in the UK equity markets.


Principles of Corporate Finance Law 3rd edition (OUP, 2023) (co-authored with Eilís Ferran and Felix Steffek)

Corporate finance theory seeks to understand how incorporated firms address the financial constraints that affect their investment decisions. This is achieved by using varied financial instruments that seek to give holders different claims on the firm's assets. Recent scholarship in this area has highlighted the critical importance of the legal environment in explaining the choices that companies make about their capital structure.

This book combines company law, capital markets law, and aspects of commercial and insolvency law to give readers a detailed understanding of the legal and regulatory issues relating to corporate finance. Informed by insights from theoretical and empirical work, the book examines from a legal perspective the key elements of corporate financing structures and capital markets in the UK. The authors' practical experience of transactions and regulatory issues ensures that thorough scholarly inquiry and critical reflection are complemented by an assured understanding of the interface between legal principles and rules as they are documented and in their actual operation. 

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External activities

 Elizabeth was a member of the Consultative Working Group of the European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA)'s Corporate Finance Standing Committee between 2018-2020.