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Emeritus Professor of Law

LSE Law School

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Carol Harlow is Emeritus Professor of Law at LSE. She is King's Counsel (honoris causa) (1996); Fellow and Council Member of the British Academy (1999, 2004); Fellow of the London School of Economics (2005); Emeritus Member of Society of Legal Scholars (2005). She was awarded a Leverhulme Fellowship in 2002.


  • 'Proceduralism and Automation: Challenges to the Values of Administrative Law' LSE Law Working Paper Series 03/2019 (with Richard Rawlings)
  • 'Accountability as a Value in Global Governance and for Global Administrative Law' in Gordon Anthony, Jean-Bernard Auby, John Morison and Tom Zwart (eds), Values in Global Administrative Law (Hart Publishing, 2011) pp. 167-185
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Law and Administration (With Richard Rawlings) (Cambridge University Press: 2009) 3rd edition

This definitive textbook explores the field of law which allows government and its agencies to practically apply its laws. The subject, affected by policy and political factors, can challenge even the more advanced student. In response, this title looks at both the law and the factors informing it, laying down the foundations of the subject. This contextualised approach also allows the student to develop the broadest possible perspective. Case law and legislation are set out and discussed, and the authors have built in a range of case studies to give a practical emphasis to the study. It is, however, the distinctive theoretical framework for administrative law that the authors develop that distinguishes this title from others and allows for real understanding of the subject. This updated edition will cement the title's seminal status.

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 State Liability: Tort Law and Beyond  (Oxford, Oxford University Press, 2004)

(The text of the Clarendon lectures). The lectures examine the theoretical bases of tort law, and its development in the contexts of a risk averse society and globalisation.

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Accountability in the European Union (Oxford, Oxford University Press, 2002)

The book examines the 'accountability gap' in European Union affairs, focusing on the accountability mechanisms of legislatures, courts and audit machinery.

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Implementing Amsterdam: Immigration and Asylum Rights in EC Law, Elspeth Guild and Carol Harlow (editors) (Hart Publishing, Oxford, 2001)

This is a set of essays that seeks to predict changes in EU asylum procedures in the light of the Treaty of Amsterdam.

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External activities

  • Recent research fellowships include Visiting Fellow, Australian National University, Canberra (2002); Legal Research Fellow, University of Auckland, New Zealand (2004). Further visiting posts include: Visiting Fellow, University of New South Wales (2005, 2006); Visiting Lecturer, University of Trento, Italy (2004); Visiting Professor, Duke University (2006)

  • Clarendon Lecturer, University of Oxford, 2003

  • I currently serve on the International Advisory Board of the Review of Constitutional Studies (1998-), and the Editorial Board of theEuropean Law Journal (1996-)

Research interests

My current research interests focus on three subjects: the liability of the state, the subject of the Clarendon Lectures in 2002; English administrative law, European administrative law and legal and political accountability in the European Union.  I am a member of the European Commission's Connex network and participate regularly in meetings. I am currently working on a book on European administrative procedures.