Algorithms, Rule of Law & the Future of Justice

28 March 2023

The Estonian court system has pioneered the use of digital tools in the courtrooms since the 1990s, and has therefore built extensive expertise in the area. On 24 March 2023, Dr Giulia Gentile organised a workshop entitled “Algorithms, the Rule of Law and the Future of Justice” at the University of Tartu in collaboration with Dr Marta Cantero Gamito (University of Tartu and EUI). The workshop aimed at assessing the challenges and the promises of digitisation in the Estonian courts and beyond. The workshop gathered representatives of the Estonian Supreme Courts and lower court instances, the Estonian Government and academics, who shared their experiences on the use of AI and other automated tools in the courtroom. The workshop laid the ground for future cooperations between academia and Estonian judges and civil servants to explore the future of AI and justice. The workshop’s proceedings will be soon published in the form of a short piece authored by Dr Giulia Gentile and Dr Marta Cantero Gamito. 

gentile-wPictured (left-to-right), Federica Casarosa (EUI), Giulia Gentile (LSE), Marta Cantero Gamito (University of Tartu and EUI), Ivo Pilving (Supreme Court of Estonia)