Professor Mark Lewis contributes to white paper on ethical investment considerations in AI


Professor Mark Lewis has contributed to a white paper on ethical investment considerations in AI systems and processes in and around the workplace. 

Professor Mark Lewis, with his co-authors, launched the white paper Future of Work: Investors’ Expectations of Ethical Artificial Intelligence in Human Capital Management at a roundtable event hosted by the LSE on 7 April. The paper, co-written by Professor Lewis, Dr. Christine Chow and Paris Will, offers different perspectives - notably investor, legal, and academic - on the opportunities and risks of using AI in the human capital space, whether it be for hiring, fostering team collaboration, learning, or pay & promotions. The authors make four key recommendations for the governance of AI in HCM: 1) Clarify Intentionality; 2) Establish Processes; 3) Ensure Accountability; and 4) Mandate Transparency. 

The paper may be found here.