Criminal Fraud and Election Disinformation

18 February 2022


Professor Jeremy Horder has published a new book, entitled Criminal Fraud and Election Disinformation: Law and Politics (Oxford Monographs on Criminal Law and Justice, 2022). Criminal Fraud and Election Disinformation is about the state's approach to fraud and distortion of the truth in politics, especially during election campaigns. Deliberate mischaracterisation of political opponents and their policies has always been a part of politics; however, lying, dishonesty, and distortion of the facts remain morally wrong and have the potential to obstruct important political interests. For example, a false or misleading claim publicised about an election candidate may lead someone to lose an election that they might otherwise have won. So, does-and should-the law seek to provide protection from the risk of this happening, by directly prohibiting the making of false or misleading political claims, or by obliging internet platforms to censor such content? 

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