Professor Conor Gearty appointed Honorary Queen's Counsel

17 December 2020


LSE Department of Law is delighted to congratulate Professor Conor Gearty on his appointment as Honorary Queen’s Counsel (QC Honoris Causa).

The title of Honorary QC is awarded to those who have made a major contribution to the law of England and Wales, outside practice in the courts.

Conor Gearty is a legal academic, Professor of Human Rights Law, and barrister. He is a Fellow of the British Academy (where he is presently Vice-President for Social Sciences), a member of the Royal Irish Academy, a Bencher of the Middle Temple, and an Honorary Bencher of King’s Inns, Dublin. His publications have been influential in the development of the law in the field of civil liberties, human rights and terrorism. It has been particularly through his analysis in his publications, including consideration of the historical context before the Human Rights Act and the development of the UK’s jurisprudence through case law since 2002, that he has supported the development of the law in this field. He was invited by the then Judicial Studies Board (now the Judicial College) to train judges for the implementation of the Human Rights Act. His various publications have received multiple positive reviews for shaping the direction of human rights law in the UK.

Read the press release from the Ministry of Justice here.