Dr Chaloka Beyani leads on Human Rights and Internally Displaced Persons in South Sudan

19 March 2019


Dr Chaloka Beyani recently successfully completed drafting legislation for the protection and assistance of internally displaced persons for the Government of South Sudan. The Government of South Sudan accepted the draft which Dr Beyani officially handed over to the Government at the adoption seminar held in Juba on 28th February 2019. The Government has begun the process of enacting the draft into law. Following that, on 8 March, Dr Beyani delivered the opening speech at the 17th International Film Festival and Forum of Human Rights in Geneva. His lecture, titled “Accountability for Human Rights”, explored some of today’s burning issues: the questioning of multilateral institutions such as the UN Human Rights Council, protracted conflicts, as well as the prospects for resistance. Dr Chaloka Beyani provided an overview of the political, security, identity and social challenges that face us by focusing on these main fault lines, with an emphasis on migrations.