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Blockchain financial assets and beyond: legal and regulatory perspectives

Law and Financial Markets Project

Conference, 26 May 2017 9am-5pm


Blockchain (or distributed ledger) technology and smart contracts may soon be used to hold and transfer financial assets, such as currency, securities and derivatives. A consistent analysis of the new technology’s impact on the law and regulation underlying financial markets and on wider legal issues has yet to be undertaken. Academia, regulators, lawmakers and the financial industry have to unite in this exercise and develop the axioms of a legal and regulatory framework that follows a universal conception, as the potential and the limits of the new technology are of universal concern. This conference is conceived to kick-start global discussion.

Infrastructure opportunities and challenges

Marc Robert-Nicoud (Clearstream)

Blockchain Securities – Much Ado about Nothing?

Eva Micheler (LSE Law)

DLT Derivatives Clearing

Colin Platt (ÐPactum)

Legal tender and central-bank issued currency

Corinne Zellweger-Gutknecht (University of Zurich)

The international dimension of DLT networks, law and regulation

Hans Kuhn (University of Lucerne)

Trustless trust? – Wider implications

Kevin Werbach (University of Pennsylvania)

Bitcoin, blockchain and the birth of regulation

Michael Krimminger (Cleary Gottlieb)

Blockchain, smart contracts and systemic issues

Philipp Paech (LSE Law)

Implications of blockchain in payment, clearing and settlement 
for central banks and regulators

Klaus Löber (European Central Bank)

Smart contracts in banking: foundations, design landscape and research directions

Lee Braine (Barclays)