Angela White (Departmental Administrator, Secretary to Convener, 1968-2001)

white, angela

Angela White came to the School in 1968.  Seeing the School’s advertisement for a law secretary in the Evening Standard, she applied for the job, saying LSE had the edge because of the four week annual holiday. 

Angela worked first for Lord Chorley and a group of lecturers including Bill Cornish, Leonard Lazar, Murray Pickering and David Thomas.  Theo Chorley had long before retired from the Cassel Chair of Commercial Law, but was still General Editor of The Modern Law Review. A good judge of character, Theo was quick to spot Angela’s qualities and the first to realise how lucky the School was to have recruited her. 1968 was the exciting period of les evenements, a period where students, inspired by global politics, occupied buildings at LSE, and not long after Angela arrived at the School, it was closed.  One of her early memories is of handling the essential business of the MLR from a bench in one of the corridors of the House of Lords.  

At the time Angela joined the Department, John Griffith was Convener and Mrs Bruce was the Administrative Secretary.  When Mrs Bruce retired in June 1974, Angela took over the administration of the Department, a job she continued with energy and commitment until 2001.  Her own loyalty to the Department is reflected in the quality and continuity of the administrative team she built up around her, for example, Colleen Etheridge, Pam Hodges, and Susan Hunt worked at the School almost as long as she did.

Over this long period, Angela says she has “never wanted to work in any other Department”.  She treated everyone in the same friendly, even-handed and professional way, coming to represent in a real sense the collective memory and conscience of the Department.  Angela says her most important memories of her time in the Department involve meeting many interesting and delightful people.  One of the most memorable people she worked for (from 1968 until 1974 when he sadly died) was Professor Lord Chorley.  She also adds two additional memorable events: shaking hands with Muhammad Ali and Nelson Mandela’s visit