Ratio is the annual magazine of LSE Law School providing a unique insight into the diverse work of our staff and students.



Ratio 2023/24

Against Constitutionalism: a conversation with Martin Loughlin;
Law and the Problems of our Economies: a PhD reading group;
Managing the Law School, Matt Rowley




Ratio 2022/23

Interview with Professor David Kershaw, Dean of LSE Law School;
Invasion of Ukraine;
The ECHR Intervention Clinic;
Social Media - But the Good Kind



Ratio 2021/22

COVID-19 and the legal landscape; 
Celebrating the work of Professor Nicola Lacey; 
Student wellbeing at LSE Law School; 
“Good” and “Bad” deal-making in developing countries 



Ratio 2020/21

Work on inequality in the law school;
Student podcast the Nth Cause;
Anti-Vaccincation Activism in a Digital Age;
Code of Conduct: On the Future of Legal Professions




Ratio 2019/20

2019 marks the centenary of the appointment of LSE’s first Law Professor, H C Gutteridge;
How a student start-up is helping others with their university applications;
Crime and Punishment: examining the ethics underlying long-term incarceration



Ratio 2018/19


Confronting Displacement: an interview with Associate Professor Chaloka Beyani;
The Freshfields Stephen Lawrence Scholarship Scheme;
Ideal Discourse, Prime Ministers and Civic Republicanism: LSE future of Pakistan;
LSE in The Hague



Ratio 2017/18

Medics and the Law: an interview with Prof Emily Jackson OBE;
Athena SWAN: a reflection in equality, diversity and inclusion;
The Brexit Effect: how the referendum result impacts PhD research;
The Penal Reform Society: our experience working with offenders



Ratio 2016/17

Criminal Justice, Gender, and the British Museum: an interview with Professor Nicola Lacey;
An interview with Dr Meredith Rossner;
Distinguished Doctors of LSE Law;
Limitless Pro Bono: Lawyers without Borders at LSE



Ratio 2015/16

Interview with Professor Jeremy Horder, the new Head of LSE Law;
LSE Law ranked first among UK law schools;
Damian Chalmers on An Open Europe;
Access to Justice after the Legal Aid Cuts



Ratio 2014/15

The New Executive LLM Programme;
Retirement of Prof Christine Chinkin;
Launch of London Review of International Law;
Prof Conor Gearty appointed Director of Institute of Public Affairs;
Students in Uganda with African Prisons Project;
Prof Julia Black appointed LSE Pro-Director of Research