Frequently asked questions (degree courses)

If you are not sure which course to take or are thinking about whether you should take a course with us at all, this information will help

Feel free to contact the appropriate Language Co-ordinator if you have any questions.

New academic year structure

  • In 2015-16 LSE adopted a new academic year structure. This change included the introduction of a reading week in week 6 of both the Autumn Term and Winter Term.
  • There is an expectation that all students are in attendance (at LSE) for each reading week.

Thinking about your Year 2 or Year 3 options?

  • We recommend that any Year 1 or Year 2 students thinking about taking one of our modern language courses in the next academic year investigate this possibility well in advance of the course choice system opening.
  • Please check the pre-requisites for modern language courses as approval, from the Teacher Responsible, to select a particular course is compulsoryNB: access to this form is only possible when logged into your LSE account.
  • Undergraduate students register using the online course choice system on the New LSE for You.

What is capping?

  • Some Departments, including us, will cap courses each year. This means that places on those course will be limited to a specific number of students.
  • On the New LSE for You course choice system these courses are labelled as 'capped'.
  • As soon as the number of students registered reaches the capped number the status of the course will change to 'full' and no one else will be able to select it.
  • You can check the current limits with the Students Service Centre.

Request an unlisted course

  • It may be, for various reasons, that the course you want to take is not listed. Therefore there is an option on New LSE for You  to 'request an unlisted course'.
  • Remember it may be that your degree programme will not allow you to take this course or just that you need to get approval from your Department.
  • Either way if you really want to see if you can take the course it is worth a try.

Unavailable courses

  • Not all courses will be available in a current session.
  • This may be due to staff absence or low registrations in preceding years.
  • If you feel the course should be made available then please email us to register your interest.
  • Any interest shown will be taken into account when planning for future years.

University of London students

If you are a student at the University of London and wish to take the course as an intercollegiate student please follow the advice from the LSE Student Services Centre Intercollegiate registration.