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Every degree programme offered by the School has a set of programme regulations, which outline the courses available to students.  Course guides provide descriptions of every individual course taught at the School, including a brief synopsis, the number of teaching hours, the method(s) of assessment and any recommended reading. Both programme regulations and course guides for the new academic year will be available from September in the School Calendar.

The following sections provide details regarding the selection of courses. Course selection is undertaken using the School's online portal, LSE for You (LFY).

New Students 2015/6

If you are a new student joining the School in October, you should receive instructions on how to activate your LSE for You (LFY) account from the Undergraduate Admissions Office.  You can collect your password after your account has been generated in early September.

For the 2015/16 academic session, the online course selection facility will be accessible from 1 September 2015 and you are required to register for your courses by 17.00 on  12th October 2015.

For instructions on selecting courses, please see Course selection tutorials

If you have not yet completed all of your admissions paperwork (such as your Financial Undertaking Form or Confirmation of Conditions) then the option to select your courses will not be available to you on LFY. Please contact the Undergraduate Admissions Office to finalise your admission to the School, and allow one working day for the 'Course Selection' option to appear in LFY.

Continuing students 2016/7

From Lent Term week 9 (March 8 2016), you will be able to make your course selection for 2016/7 online via your LFY account.  

Please ensure that you attend any departmental course selection meetings and seek advice from your Academic Adviser or Departmental Tutor before making your selection.

If you have interrupted, or were unable progress in the past  then newly set-up courses may not appear in your list of options on LSE for You. If you find this is the case you will need to use the 'request unlisted course' function within LSE for You - there is a tutorial on how to use this function within LSE for You.

Capped Courses

Some departments have capped courses, which means that places on these courses will be limited to a specific number of students. On the LFY course choice system these courses are labelled as 'capped'. As soon as the number of students registered reaches the capped number, the status of these courses will change to "full" and no one else will be able to select them.

Please see the list of capped courses. Students are advised to contact their departments for further information 

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