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  • LSE code LN778-LN790, LN803, LN805, LN824
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  • Short course: Open from September
  • Location: Houghton Street, London

These courses form part of our non degree language programme.

The links below give very detailed course information on the different levels available.

However, the process of registration is very straightforward with a number of key steps which you must follow to make sure you choose the right course. We have online course choice information, group information sessions and individual needs analysis appointments for certain courses to help you.

There are really only two paths to follow (beginners courses, or non-beginners courses). Our step by step video guide on our how to register page explains the registration process in detail.

LN778 Spanish: Level One (Standard)

LN805 Spanish: Level One (Standard for speakers of Non-Indo European Languages)

LN824 Spanish: Level One (Super Standard)

LN779 Spanish: Level One (Fast Track)

LN780 Spanish: Level Two (Standard)

LN781 Spanish: Level Two (Fast Track)

LN782 Spanish: Level Three (Standard)

LN783 Spanish: Level Three (Fast Track)

LN785 Spanish: Level Four (Standard)

LN803 Spanish: Level Four (Fast Track)

LN788 Spanish: Level Five (Current Issues)

LN789 Spanish: Level Five (Culture and Society)



Programme details

When do these courses run?

These courses run during the LSE academic year. There is one registration time during September/October each year.

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