Term dates

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Michaelmas Term

Thursday 4 October 2012 - Friday 14 December 2012

Lent Term

Monday 14 January - Friday 22 March 2013 (N.B. LSE100 exam is held on Friday of LT week 0 for UG 2nd years)

Summer Term

Monday 29 April - Friday 5 July 2013


Michaelmas Term

Thursday 3 October - Friday 13 December 2013 (N.B. the first day of teaching is Monday 7th October, this is Michaelmas Term week 1)

Lent Term

Monday 13 January - Friday 21 March 2014 (N.B. LSE100 exam is held on Friday of LT week 0 for UG 2nd years)

Summer Term

Monday 28 April - Friday 4 July 2014  


Michaelmas Term

Thursday 2 October - Friday 12 December

Lent Term

Monday 12 January - Friday 20 March

Summer Term

Monday 27 April - Friday 3 July


LSE is currently remodelling the structure of its academic year to improve the teaching and learning experience for our students. The provisional dates for the 2015/16 academic year are given below. We aim to confirm these dates by 31 August 2014. Please revisit this page from 1 September onwards for the confirmed 2015/16 term dates and the term dates for subsequent years up to and including 2018/19.

Michaelmas Term

Thursday 24 September – Friday 11 December

Lent Term

Monday 11 January – Wednesday 23 March*

Summer Term

Monday 25 April – Friday 10 June

*The School will be closed for the Easter vacation on Thursday 24 March 2016 and Friday 25 March 2016, dates which would normally have been the last two days of Lent Term.

For those departments that operate them, School Reading Weeks are the weeks beginning Monday 2 November 2015 and Monday 15 February 2016.

Attendance and employment

Students on full-time 12-month taught Masters programmes are required to study for a full calendar year. This means that students are expected to study beyond the end of the Summer Term to prepare their dissertations in time for September submission.

Taught Masters students who are Tier 4 visa holders will continue to be restricted to term-time levels of permissible hours of work during the summer, paid or unpaid. More information on working during studies can be found on the School’s International Students Immigration Service website|.


On rare occasions, UK universities experience industrial action by staff which may prevent the full range of services, including teaching, being offered to students. The right to take industrial action is permitted by law and the members of staff concerned have legal protection if acting within the law.

If services are affected by industrial action or other events beyond the School's control, the School will use its best endeavours to provide alternative facilities, not necessarily at the time of the action or event. Students should be aware that the School will not issue refunds of fees where industrial action or other events beyond the School's control affect teaching or other services.