Professor Jeffrey Chwieroth

Professor Jeffrey Chwieroth

Professor of International Relations

Department of International Relations

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Key Expertise
international political economy of money and finance

About me

I am currently Professor of International Political Economy in the Department of International Relations at the London School of Economics. At the LSE I am also a research associate of the Systemic Risk Centre. I also currently serve as director of the MSc in International Political Economy programme. My research has been supported by grants from the Australian Research Council, the AXA Research Fund, the British Academy for the Humanities and Social Sciences, and the Economic and Social Research Council.

I supervise doctoral studies in areas including:
international political economy of money and finance



Expertise Details

international political economy of money and finance; specifically the political and policy aftermaths of financial crises; financial globalisation; the International Monetary Fund; emerging markets; and economic norms and ideas

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