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Discover and download papers from two conferences hosted by the EFPU


Research student conference on European foreign policy, LSE 2-3 July 2004

Below is a list of the papers presented at the conference. All are Microsoft Word documents except where noted.

Europe as a Security Actor

The "Forgotten" European Political Community, 1952-54
Linda Risso, Cambridge University

EU Conflict Prevention and Crisis Management Policies in African Regional Conflicts: coherence in the "one-stop-shop"?
Sébastian Loisel, Sciences-Po, Paris

CESDP: towards an EU strategic culture?
Vasilis Margaras, Loughborough University

Addressing a Peripheral Threat: Examining the problem of nuclear human capital dissemination in a European context
Alisa Carrigan, King's College

The European Union's Foreign Economic Policy

Trade in EU Foreign Relations: The EU Free Trade Agreement with Chile
Maria Jesus Garcia, Bristol University

Variable Geometry in the Community's Foreign Economic Relations: The Common Commercial Policy and Effectiveness in International Trade Negotiations
Nathaniel Lalone, Cambridge University

Power and Pressure in EU Agenda-Setting - A Case-Study of Negotiations between the EU and South Africa
Magdalena Larsén, University of Westminster

Theorizing European Foreign Policy

The Notion of Solidarity in European Foreign Policy: a Realist-Constructivist Approach
Thanasis Pinakas, Lund University/European Parliament

The European Union as a Risk Community: New Perspectives for European Security Policy [PDF]
Moritz Weiss, Ludwig-Maximilian Universitaet, Munich

Thinking Outside the Box: The EU as a Foreign Policy System
Christian Kaufholz, London School of Economics and Political Science

EU Defence Cooperation as a Collective Action Problem
Christoph Raab, Kent University 

The European Union's Neighbourhood Policies

Between Enlargement and CFSP: the EU and the Western Balkans
Dimitar Bechev, Oxford University

The EU's New Neighbourhood Policy Towards the Western Newly Independent States: The Case of Ukraine
Ivaylo Gatev, University of Bath

Romanian Foreign Policy Change: From Isolation to Dependence (1989-1994)
Alina-Alex Georgescu, University of Limerick

Europe and the Israelis: Influencing Foreign Public Opinion with Foreign Policy
Ofer Zalzberg, London School of Economics and Political Science

The European Union and the Far East

Courting the Dragon: The European Union's China Policy
John Armstrong, University of Limerick

Expectations Deficit in EU Foreign Relations: Problems and Prospects of EU-Japan Partnership
Michito Tsuruoka, King's College

The New Frontier: EU Relations with China
Matt Burnett, University of Reading

EFPU workshop on 'Europeanisation of national foreign policies' - 5 June 2002

EFPU organised a workshop on 5 June 2002 at LSE in collaboration with the Institute for German Studies of the University of Birmingham on the theme of the 'Europeanisation of national foreign policies'. Outline papers were given on aspects of German, British, Spanish, French and Polish foreign policy. They are available below in PDF form for personal consultation only.