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  • Global Social Change Research Project World Social Change reports, reviews of main world social, economic, demographic, technological and political changes and data used to develop the reviews, and a review of theories of change. This site also links to free information about long term changes in political, economic and social systems. This site links to theory, data, research, syllabi, history, report about global demographic change and more.
  • Those interested in microsimulation-based methods might be interested to note the launch of the International Microsimulation Association. The association aims to promote the free inter-change of experience and ideas between practitioners of microsimulation worldwide. To this end the goals of the
    association are to provide:
    - a repository of links to online microsimulation-related resources
    - an email discussion list
    - an email news announcement list
    - a bibliography of microsimulation-related publications
    - an online refereed journal. Submissions are also invited for the association's journal