Richard Mallett

Richard Mallett

PhD student in the Department of International Development

Department of International Development

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Key Expertise
Cities, Livelihoods, Labour, Informality, Migration

About me

Rich is an ESRC-funded PhD student with an interest in cities, informal work, and the link between livelihoods and politics. His doctoral research looks at what happens when new ‘disruptive’ technologies and programmes of employment come into contact with precarious livelihood systems. Ethnographic fieldwork for this project is being carried out in Kampala, Uganda throughout 2020.

Prior to joining the LSE, Rich was a Research Fellow at the Overseas Development Institute where he worked on state-building, post-conflict livelihood recovery, and displacement / migration. He still remains affiliated as a Research Associate.

Rich holds a BA in Geography from University College London, and an MSc in Violence, Conflict and Development from the School of Oriental and African Studies.

Expertise Details

Cities; Livelihoods; Labour; Informality; Migration

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