Dr Stephanie  Levy

Dr Stephanie Levy

Guest Lecturer

Department of International Development

English, French, Hebrew
Key Expertise
Poverty, Social Protection, Household behaviour, Cash Transfers, Inequality

About me

Stephanie is a development economist with over 20 years of experience in social protection and poverty reduction policies in Africa and Asia. She has an extensive experience of modelling and policy analysis using micro-simulation tools, general equilibrium models (CGEs) and randomised control trials (RCTs).

As an academic researcher, she has worked on the local and macro-economic impacts of social protection, including cash transfers and graduation packages, the complementarity between rural development policies, agricultural growth programs and social transfers.

She joined the London School of Economics as a Guest Lecturer in 2014. Stephanie is also a Non-resident Research Fellow at the International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) where she conducts research on the general equilibrium effects of gender-based social protection, economic inclusion, and livelihood programs. Using micro-simulation tools and general equilibrium models, this research program investigates the potential effects of scaling up gender-focused interventions which have been tested empirically using randomized control trials.

Stephanie has an extensive field work experience, having lived in Chad and worked in over 15 countries in Africa and Asia. She has worked with the World Bank, UN Institutions, the Gates Foundation, the Overseas Development Institute, governments in low- and middle-income countries and NGOs.

She holds an MSc in econometrics from the Sorbonne University and a PhD in development economics from Toulouse University.

She currently teaches for DV443 and DV453.

Selected publications


Expertise Details

Social protection; cash transfers and graduation models & their impact on the local economy; General equilibrium effects of safety nets; Rural development policies; Agricultural growth