Ian Madison

Ian Madison

LSE Fellow and Programme Co-Director, International Development and Humanitarian Emergencies

Department of International Development

Key Expertise
Conflict, State building, Peacebuilding, Resilience, Governance, Ethnicity

About me

Ian Madison is an LSE Fellow in International Development and Humanitarian Emergencies (IDHE) at the Department of International Development. His research focuses on the politics of citizenship and public service delivery during periods of conflict or natural disaster. Ian holds a PhD in International Development from the University of Oxford and an MSc in International Development and Humanitarian Emergencies from LSE.

Ian’s research agenda seeks to understand how people adapt and respond to political and environmental crises in fragile states. Drawing on fieldwork in Kosovo, his PhD examines how people navigate between competing authorities during conflict, with a focus on three public services closely tied to statebuilding: education, healthcare, and justice. In a follow-up project in Tanzania, he examines how people in urban slums have adopted informal financial institutions to better cope with increased flooding. Beyond academia, Ian has worked on issues related to resilience, natural resources, and community engagement for the World Bank, NGOs, government, and environmental consultancies.

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Peacebuilding; statebuilding; conflict; international development; contentious politics; social movements; non-state actors; Balkans; East Africa