MSc Health Policy Planning And Financing

Our alumni


Francis Ayomoh, Nigeria





Camille Bou, France




Nuha Bazeer, United Kingdom

"I would definitely recommend this programme to people who are passionate about health and eager to learn and grow under amazing guidance and mentorship. There are a host of opportunities available to you at the LSE, from career support to research opportunities, and the availability of many events in different fields means you can always continue learning and growing. The teaching support has been excellent, since the professors and seminar leaders are interested in your thoughts and development.

From the day I started this MSc, I knew I wanted to savour each one, however stressful it may have been, and I am grateful to have been able to enjoy it as much as I could have done this year! My year at the LSE will always be fondly remembered as the place I grew the most and connected with people from around the world, and this experience has taught me so much about making the most of whatever opportunities come my way."



Mayank Mawar, India

"The experience of studying this programme at LSE has been truly incredible. I strongly feel I have gathered the much-needed skillset which I was missing as a physician and would now steer my new career path in health policy. The most attractive feature about this programme was the range of students from varied professional backgrounds and work experience. I learned a lot from the many discussions with my peers inside and outside the lecture rooms. Also, getting exposure of two world class institutions (LSE & LSHTM) was highly significant for me to choose this programme. And to top it all, the excellent faculty at LSE made the entire journey very comforting and enriching. Students looking forward to applying for this programme should be prepared for a year of insightful academics along with career events, socials and outstanding trips with friends. Reflecting on my time at LSE just feels that it ended too soon!"



Jasmine Mah, Canada

"As a front line healthcare worker, I entered the Health Policy, Planning and Financing programme with the skills to care for my individual patients. The programme has provided me with the knowledge and skills to advocate for ALL my patients at the policy level. The value of this programme is in its networking and work opportunities that supplement the in-class learning. By the end of the MSc, I was applying my degree to make substantial transformations to a real national health system. It was these experiences offered by the programme that exceeded my expectations."



Angel Vicario, Spain
Head of Delegation for Algeria/Sahara, Spanish Red Cross

"I have been a humanitarian aid worker for the past 10 years as a health delegate on a wide variety of missions helping vulnerable people across the world. While working I have taken a few breaks where I have studied new international protocols and continued my education and studies, including my MSc at LSE. The mix of fieldwork and studying has really helped me develop my professional skills and I have been able to apply these in my missions for the Red Cross.

The degree content at LSE was exactly what I was looking for, providing me with the perfect mix of economics and health policy which has given me great support in my professional development. The professors on my course were excellent, not just in their teaching but also in their one to one interaction where I was able to learn about their experiences and gain invaluable advice. Attracting the brightest minds in the world LSE gave me the opportunity to make great friendships and contacts with people who share similar passions and interests as me. My only regret is that the experience was all too short and I wish I could have stayed longer, but I am extremely happy with everything my time at LSE has provided me."