Executive MSc Health Economics, Policy and Management

Our alumni



Pierre Roca
External Relations Officer, World Health Organization; Partnerships Development Officer at The Defeat-NCD Partnership

"The excellent courses and the intensive work with the dissertation opened new perspectives and gave me new skills that helped me transition to a new phase of my career. After working in the pharmaceutical industry, I moved on to work in the United Nations system and also held a position in the European Commission. Furthermore, I expanded my network of relevant health economics and policy experts and I made many new friends with whom I am still in contact."



Dr Lucy Kanya
Assistant Professorial Research Fellow, Network of Africa Health Systems and Policies, LSE Department of Health, UK

"The multi-faceted nature of the programme and its delivery exposes students to the core issues in health economics and financing in a very interactive learning environment. Deciding to enrol in this programme was the defining point in my career. I am now engaging with country partners in health systems to strengthen efforts under the African Health Systems and Policies Platform supported by the LSE while also teaching on this programme."



Pierre Villeneuve
Assistant Professor, University of Ottawa, Canada

"The curriculum was well integrated and gave me the tools to critically assess the issues facing health care and to generate appropriate policy solutions. The programme offers the flexibility that I needed to pursue my training while having a full-time job."