MSc Global Health Policy

Our alumni



Fiona Sing, United Kingdom

"The degree allows you to take a multitude of paths afterwards including health consulting, health economics roles, aid and development work as well as policy roles. Gaining the breadth of knowledge from the MSc in Global Health Policy allows you to fully understand the broader context of health systems which makes you far more confident in deciding your chosen career path. You make a strong bond with your cohort and the academic and administrative team which help make the year more fulfilling."



Sheree Marshall, Kenya

"I would recommend this programme to anyone who has a passion for improving health outcomes for people in society. The faculty that have taught me this year are experts in their field and have opened my eyes to the different areas of global health policy. Additionally, the cohort of students I was able to study with were from a wide range of backgrounds, both professionally and academically and in terms of nationality. This made for enriching conversations within seminars, and also outside of the classroom. Overall, I am extremely grateful that I was able to learn in this environment."