Zilper Audi-Poquillon

Zilper Audi-Poquillon

PhD student

Department of Health Policy

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English, French, Swahili
Key Expertise
Health Financing, Global Health, Political Economy Analysis

About me

Zilper Audi-Poquillon is a health policy specialist with experience and interest in universal health coverage, specifically around health financing, health systems strengthening, social accountability and the politics of health policymaking. Zilper has 10 years of experience working in research think tanks, international organisations, the private sector, and a multilateral development bank. She also holds an MA in Public Policy (King’s College London) and an MSC in Global Health Policy (University of Edinburgh).

Zilper's PhD research focuses on the political economy of universal health reform in LMICs, with Kenya as my case study. While UHC has evolved from being an aspiration to a reality in most high-income countries, many LMICs are still struggling to achieve UHC and often face complex challenges that impede their UHC progress. The growing interest in UHC globally has led to increased scholarly research on this topic. However, the majority of the research has predominantly focused on the technical aspects of UHC and health financing, often ignoring the political aspects of this process, despite the acknowledgement that UHC is an inherently political process as it is technical.

Zilper's research looks at the political drivers of UHC, and focuses on the role that interests, institutions, and ideas play in the health financing reform processes for UHC, specifically focusing on Kenya.


Dissertation title:

The Politics of Health Financing Reforms for UHC 


Dissertation supervisor(s):

Dr Justin Parkhurst, Dr Lucy Kanya 



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