Daniele Sudsataya

Daniele Sudsataya

PhD student

Department of Health Policy

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English, Italian
Key Expertise
Behavioural Health Economics, Behavioural Incentive Design, Vaccines

About me

Daniele Sudsataya is an MPhil/PhD candidate in Health Policy and Health Economics in the Department of Health Policy. His PhD research is focused on the formation of health care behaviours from both a patient and a provider perspective. He aims to understand if the manner in which an individual is exposed to information on health risks and treatment can influence personal preferences towards health care elements such as medication adherence, vaccination, diagnosis, and prescription.

Daniele’s other research projects revolve around behavioural health economics, health security, and pharmaceuticals such as vaccines. Daniele is particularly interested in infectious disease control, drawing from his interdisciplinary background to explore how public health preparedness and responses can benefit from behavioural insights.

Daniele holds a BSc degree in Global Health and Social Medicine with Pharmacology from King’s College London, and an MSc degree in International Health Policy from the LSE. After completing his MSc, Daniele remained in LSE’s Department of Health Policy as a research assistant, while also working on research projects for international organisations such as the WHO European Observatory for Health Systems and Policies, and the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime.


Dissertation title (Provisional):

Health care behaviour formation: How learning about health risks affects patient attitudes to pharmaceutical medication and physician prescribing practices


Dissertation supervisor(s):

Professor Joan Costa-i-Font, Dr Miqdad Asaria 



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